24 Best Pumpkin Recipes To Bake


The best Pumpkin Recipes including pumpkin soup recipe, canned pumpkin recipes for pumpkin cake, bread, and muffins.  Your family will love these healthy pumpkin recipes to bake pumpkin pie and tarts and even ways to use pumpkin seeds.

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Best Pumpkin Recipes

Best Pumpkin Recipe 1.  Pumpkin Pecan Dessert ~ Step by step instructions on how to make the crust and pie filling for these cute single serving pies.  They would also make the perfect home made gift for any occasion.

Best Pumpkin REcipes

2.  Pumpkin Pie Snickerdoodle Bars ~ Heavenly snicker doodle bars with a pumpkin pie filling!  Best Pumpkin Recipes 3.  Perfect Pumpkin Roll~ Impress your guests with this beautiful pumpkin dessert.  Not only does this roll look amazing, but it tastes yummy!

Pumpkin Cake Recipe

Best Pumpkin Cake

4.  Pumpkin Twinkies ~ “Everyone loves a twinkie, ya gotta get a twinkie…”  Ok, I know that’s the Slinky song, but who wouldn’t want a homemade twinkie?  A pumpkin one?!  With Cream Cheese Marshmallow Filling?!?!?!  And the best part, the recipe uses a cake mix so it’s super simple {shhhhh…} Pumpkin Cake Recipe5.  Mini Pumpkin Cake~ Delicious pumpkin flavor and pumpkin pie spices make this treat a yummy way to celebrate the season. With only 30 minutes of hands-on time it’s doable for a special dinner party or just a fun treat for the kids.

Pumpkin Cake

6.  Pumpkin Better Than Cake ~ I’m sure you are all familiar with the better than … cake?!  This cake has a twist to that version, yellow cake mix and pumpkin instead of chocolate.

Pumpkin Bread

Pumpkin Bread

7.  Pumpkin Scones ~ These pumpkin scones look absolutely scrumptious!  They’re a yummy fall treat to make for breakfast, brunch or as a gift for a new neighbor.

Pumpkin Bread

8.  Starbucks Pumpkin Pound Cake ~ A healthier version pound cake using egg whites and vanilla yogurt.  No butter.  If you want to compensate for the reduced calories you can add a powdered sugar glaze to the top.  {wink}

Pumpkin Muffin Recipe

9.  Pumpkin Muffin Recipe ~ Make these moist, low fat and delicious pumpkin muffins that only require 2-ingredients.  They are also low fat because no oils or eggs are used. Pumpkin Muffins10.  Pumpkin Cupcakes with Cinnamon Cream Cheese Frosting~ These fun cupcakes come with important parts.  The delicious pumpkin cupcake recipe, the mouth watering cinnamon cream cheese frosting, and the fun caramel acorn cupcake toppers.  You can get the recipe for all three at Sand and Sisal.

Pumpkin Muffins

11.  Pumpkin Cheesecake Muffins ~  A decadent marriage of pumpkin pie and cheesecake!  A great way to take a traditional fall recipe and kick it up a notch. Best Pumpkin Recipe 12.  Pumpkin Cupcakes with Tres Leches~ These pumpkin cupcakes are soaked in three milks leaving them so moist they will melt in your mouth!

Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Pumpkin Pie Recipe13.  Pumpkin Pie Bites~ How to make these darling pumpkin pie bites.  Leave them as they are or drizzle chocolate to decorate them.  You could also make cute jack-o-lantern faces on them too!

Pumpkin Pie

14.  Chiffon Pumpkin Pie ~ Doesn’t this pie crust look absolutely scrumptious?!  It’s not the traditional pie crust, it uses almond flour, maple syrup and coconut oil.  The crunchy crust with the soft pumpkin center looks like a mouth watering explosion of flavor.

Pumpkin Tart Recipe

Pumpkin Tart

15.  Pumpkin Mouse Oreo Tart ~ Chocolate always makes you feel better, right?!  This delicious fall dessert combines a chocolate oreo crust with a pumpkin mouse filling.

Pumpkin Tart

16.  Pumpkin Cream Tart ~ This Pumpkin Cream Tart captures the spirit of pumpkin pie packaged in decorative, flavorful pastry deliciousness.

Easy Pumpkin Recipes

Easy Pumpkin Recipes

17. Roast Pumpkin Recipe ~ Learn how to roast a pumpkin in a few easy steps.  All you need is a glass pan and some water.  Easy peasy!  The end result can be frozen for later use. 18.  Roasted Pumpkin Recipe ~ Roasting your pumpkin with a touch of maple syrup and cinnamon is delicious!

Canned Pumpkin Recipes

Canned Pumpkin Recipe

19.  Pumpkin Granola~ This is an easy granola recipe that includes pumpkin in the mix to add that perfect flavor of fall.  It’s like having pumpkin pie for breakfast! Well, crunchy pumpkin pie, that is!

Canned Pumpkin Recipe

20.  Pumpkin Sandwich Cookies~ Pumpkin and cream cheese are the perfect combination for a wonderful fall treat.  This pumpkin version puts traditional chocolate sandwich cookies to shame!

21.  Pumpkin Pie Crescent Rolls ~ A delicious quick and easy treat using crescent rolls, pumpkin and spices!  Perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner.

Pumpkin Soup Recipe

Pumpkin Soup

22.  Creamy Pumpkin Soup Shooters ~ This soup would be a great starter for an elegant Thanksgiving gathering.

Pumpkin Soup Recipe

23.  Pumpkin Soup ~ This fabulous recipe shows you how to roast the pumpkin, toast the seeds, puree the roasted pumpkin and make the delicious soup.  What a fantastic way to serve the soup in a hollowed out pumpkin!  Very festive.

Pumpkin Seed Recipes


Pumpkin Seeds

24.  Toasted Pumpkin Seeds ~ Sometimes roasting the pumpkin seeds is the best part of a pumpkin.  This recipe shows you how to toast the seeds adding a little seasoning salt.

24 Best Pumpkin Recipes To Bake

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Pumpkin Recipes

Best Pumpkin Recipes

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