13 Christmas Party Game Ideas


Are you looking to host the best parties ever this holiday season?  Then consider yourself hooked up with fun Christmas games, Christmas games for Adults, and even holiday games for kids and entertainment as a family! Here are 13 of the best Christmas party game ideas that I’ve found online.  Yep, they’re the best parties ever!  {like oh my gosh}


Christmas Party Games

1. Christmas Scavenger Hunt ~ This is a fun game to play with family or at a party with friends! Get people moving around and interacting while also creating holiday memories!


2.  Christmas Scattergories {free printables} ~ From A to Z, you’ll think of words related to Christmas.


3. Naughty or Nice ~ Inspired by The Price is Right and the Punch Board Game, this game is fun for the entire family. Each guest gets to punch a cup to reveal inside if they’re naughty or nice.


4.  Christmas “Minute To Win It” Party Games ~ This is such an amazing party with fabulous Christmas games like:

  • Marshmallow Munch
  • Candy Cane Catch
  • Toy Touchdown
  • Snowman Shake
  • Reindeer Wrap
  • Jingle Bell Jam

Christmas Games for Adults


5. Christmas Party Games ~ If you are looking for some easy, last minute, not very much planning required games for your holiday party at school, work, or home, Room Mom 101 has a collection of party games that are fun and take little or no planning, just right for the busy holiday season.

6. Two Truths and a Lie Game ~ Two Truths and a Lie is a popular ice breaker game.  In the game, a person tells three stories about themselves, two of which are true, and one that is not.  The goal of the player is to determine which story is not true.  You can play this in a Christmas party setting in a group with the theme topic of “their worst Christmas gift”.

7.  What If / Then Game ~ Everyone gets in a circle and is given two pieces of paper and a pen.  On the first paper each guest writes down any “What If” question.  Collect all of those papers into a bowl.

Next, pass out the “What If” questions and  have each guest write the “Then” answer to that specific question onto their second piece of paper.  Have each guest put their “What If” question into one bowl and the “Then” answer into a second bowl.

Now it’s time to read them Mad Lib style.  Have each guest take 1 paper from the “What If” bowl and 1 paper from the “Then” bowl.  Take turns going around in a circle and reading the two papers back to back:  What If / Then!  It’s hysterical and a great crowd pleasure.


8. Snowball Toss ~ Players stand behind a designated line and throw the marshmallows aka snowballs through a wreath.


Christmas Games

9. Christmas Game Kit Printable ~ Looking for a last minute activity for you kids to enjoy over the holidays? This is a fun game kit printable that will keep them entertained! Download, print and enjoy!



10.  Snowman Slam ~ Decorate styrofoam cups with cut up paper shapes to decorate as snowmen.  If you don’t have any squishies to throw you can always quickly make yarn pom pom’s.


11.  Pin the Nose on the Reindeer {Christmas Party Games} Funny Christmas games are a vital part of Christmas Eve celebrations! This Pin the Nose on the Reindeer game is a version of the classic Pin the Tail on the Donkey. The reindeer shapes were cut from card stock and “pinned” to a cork board. If you have smaller children you could tape/glue the shapes to card board and eliminate the usage of thumb tacks.


12. Jingle Bell Toss ~ A good ‘ol fashion game of toss using jingle bells.


13. Christmas Bingo ~ Who doesn’’t love bingo?!  Kids and adults a like can sit down and enjoy this holiday themed bingo game. Best of all, all you have to do is print and it’’s ready to go!


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13 Christmas party game Ideas you'll love to play!

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