24 Quick, Easy, Cheap Gift Ideas


Here are 24 quick, easy, cheap Christmas gift Ideas for friends, neighbors, bus drivers, and teachers. Simply click the free printable download below wit ideas  one of these cute sayings or poems to the item to make a more thoughtful gift!

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Print out the pictured ideas and/or the free gift tags and attach them to these easy and cheap gift ideas.

The Christmas Orange

Story is here…

Cheese and a cheese grater:Cheesen’s Greetings To A Really “GRATE” Neighbor!” Christmas Towel: May the “Absorbing” Spirit of Christmas “Blot” Out Your Troubles, “Soak” Up Your Sorrows. And “Wipe” Away Your Difficulties. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Candle Here’s an early Christmas greeting For your family to share Let it brighten up your season And spread gladness thru the air. You can start a new tradition Every night till Christmas day To burn the Christmas candle While the family doth play. You can bake, draw, or read stories Sing songs or just play games And by the season finish Only memories remain. It is hoped that you‘ll enjoy A special season full of fun. And that love will burn more brightly When your holiday is gone. 2 liter of Sprite: “May your holiday be merry and “sprite!” Whoppers: Hope you have a “WHOPPER” of a Christmas! Measuring cup with candy or Cup of Soup A Cup of Christmas Cheer No one can measure up to you But we’re doing our best to try, We appreciate all the kindness you show A kind of caring you just can’t buy. This Christmas gift is sent your way To wish a full measure of holiday cheer, May your cup overflow with joy and peace, Bubble bath When the rushing of Christmas gets you down And you’ve had all the fun you can stand Don’t get discouraged and don’t give up Just let this present give you a hand… Take a break from the kids and shopping Let the phone ring…don’t answer the door Lay back and relax in a hot bubble bath And you’ll soon feel ready for more!! Hot pads stitched together into a cone and fill with candy: Eat My Treats And Cut My Stitches Then Use Me When You Hold HOT Dishes Mint candy: Some friends come And some friends go But true friends stay For life you know,So in my heart You’ll always be Your friendship’s worth A MINT to me!! Nuts: I’D HAVE TO BE NUTS TO MISS THE CHANCE TO WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS!” Nuts: It’s always “NUTS” around our house But especially during the Christmas season – There’s so much decorating and shopping to do And the weather is usually freezin’ Although sometimes we appear half-cracked We’re so glad to have friends like you – So Merry Christmas from your “nutty” friends And a very Happy New Year, too! Wire Wisk with Hershey kisses wrapped in cellophane: “We Whisk You A Merry Kissmas!” Oven mitt filled with spaghetti and sauce: We know how hectic the Holidays can be With all the Christmas rush and the fuss, So relax a bit—Open this MITT, and have some Spaghetti on us!! Popcorn: WE’RE POPPING IN TO WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR! Jolly Ranchers: “HAVE A HOLLY, JOLLY CHRISTMAS!” Cider When it’s freezing outside And the cold breezes blow You want to stay warm And comfy, I know. So here’s my suggestion To make wintertime brighter Put up your feet And enjoy some hot cider!!!

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  1. I work at a small school and can’t wait to do some of these for all the staff!

  2. Thanks for sharing these ideas. I will save them for the upcoming year. By the way, the orange poem/story is cut off and I’m curious to know what happened to Jake 🙂

  3. Hi-

    I googled for ideas like this and came across your blog. . thanks for all the pictures to go with the ideas. I am going to send my readers over here. . I did put one of your pics on my blog. I gave the teachers at my daughters school candles and attached a note that said, “Thanks for lighting the path for the next generation!” I love those pun on word gifts. 🙂

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