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DIY Button Bracelet Tutorial


This is a very easy to make button bracelet. You would never know by looking at it that it is easy to make or a DIY project at all. Why? Because this is an amazingly beautiful piece of jewelry that any one would be glad to add to their collection!

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How to make fabric covered buttons


I was working on a couple of wallets that needed a matching button and my eureka moment hit. Why not make your own fabric covered buttons? These are very useful and you can get a button in any design, color, style, fabric and size you need.

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Button Jars


Make a cute set of button lidded jars to organize all of your supplies! Watch the video tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jh8HB_eSVqg

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Sewing a Buttonhole with the Buttonhole Foot


Sewing a Buttonhole with the Buttonhole Foot. The buttonhole is usually sewn right at the end of the project when everything else is done. What if it messes up, gets all tangled, is skewed or just plain untidy? It must be very hard to unpick a tiny buttonhole and resew without damaging the fabric. Nothing to be afraid of at …

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How to Sew on Buttons with a Sewing Machine


I had to sew on a couple of buttons and rather than get out a needle and thread and hand-sew them, I actually took the time to look at my machine manual and learn how to sew them by machine instead. In the end, I’m glad I did. They took almost no time at all, looked much neater than I …

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42 Fun Crafts to Make with Buttons and Sequins

Jars of Buttons Gift Tags

How to make buttons and use sequins to make beautiful crafts, DIY Decor, and homemade gifts, and even activities for kids.  These button tutorials include button art, monograms, checkerboard, magnets, jewelry and edible buttons.  Some of the gorgeous things to make with sequins are monograms, artwork, candles, vase fillers, garland, throw pillow, hair accessories, belt, camera strap and jewelry.  Sequin and button crafts are so popular because they …

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Button Bookmarks DIY

button bookmarks 2.jpg

With a handful of buttons, paper clips and felt, you can make some unique bookmarks. Easy and inexpensive, they make wonderful little gifts for teachers, friends, and even your favorite reader! I use them for my notes, on my files and yes, even in the books I’m reading.

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Button Bookmarks

button bookmarks 002-JPG

Button bookmarks are easy and inexpensive to make, and you can make several at a time. They are thoughtful little gifts you can give to your children’s teachers, your friends, and your favorite readers. You’ll always want to keep some for yourself too!

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Crochet Button Flower

button flower-jpg

Taking a simple flower crochet pattern and adding a button in the middle adds that extra touch to the end result and makes any headband, hair clip, hat, or necklace even more adorable!

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Red and Black Button Flower

red black button flower-JPG

Crochet a red and black button flower with our free crochet pattern. This flower is made of crochet thread and eyelash yarn. Choose a fun button to accent this frilly flower. Change up the color combinations to coordinate with any outfit or craft project.

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Easy Button Earrings


Easy Button Earrings. I have a few buttons; something like a bazillion of them. I bet you have some too. So let’s take a couple of those buttons and make some earrings. You could make a pair for every outfit in your closet!

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