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Kraft Tex leather wallet video tutorial


I’ve been playing with this new ‘fabric’. It’s called Kraft Tex, is described as a paper fabric, designed to look a bit like leather, is tear proof, water resistant, easy to work with and very versatile. You can use it in crafting of all sorts, including sew with it. Use it flat straight out of the packet or pre-treat it …

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Kraft Tex ‘leather’ key fob

Kraft Tex key fobs-jpg

I love these little Kraft Tex key fobs made with Kraft Tex fabric that looks just like leather! These are not only very practical but make awesome gift ideas too! This quick and easy project is a fun way to use up favorite fabric scraps.

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How to make Kraft Tex look like leather


Have you ever heard of Kraft Tex? It’s a strange sort of material. Described as a paper fabric, it is designed to be used in all sorts of mixed media, paper crafting and sewing projects – it’s very versatile.When crumpled and washed or soaked, then it takes on a leather-like appearance and is ideal for creating bags, wallets, tags, embellishments …

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Double Pink Leather Bracelet with Chains and European Bead


Leather and chain bracelet is always popular in many countries for a long time, it represents simple and fashion, no matter young or old, leather and chain bracelet is suitable for you, today I will show you a simple way to make a double pink leather bracelet with chains and European bead. View Full Tutorial

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