Summer Activity Days


Try planning a special activity to do with friends once a week. Get together with other parents and make a schedule for the summer. Your summer will be full of friends and fun when it’s planned out ahead of time.

For a special event, consider making a handout for the group. (See handout above.) For activity ideas, click here.


  1. Comment-Anonymous Mom2fur

    I have a good friend I hardly get to see because a)she doesn’t live right near me and b)she teaches and we are on very different schedules. But now that summer is here, I want to see her more often. I like the idea of a planned activity! I think I’m going to call her today and we’ll both mark off some days in the summer to definitely get together. And a night or two to go out as couples with our husbands!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, James can be very funny! That suit of cardboard armor just cracked me up totally.

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  3. Comment-Anonymous Paige

    We do this for our neighborhood. Well, actually, I do this for my neighborhood. I make up a 3 month calendar with fun things for the summer. Most of them are just field trip suggestions, but I put neighborhood parties on there. For example, tonight we have a bike parade. The kids can decorate their bikes, ride them around the neighborhood and then we’ll meet up for ice cream sundaes.

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  5. Comment-Anonymous bow mom

    I just created a summer fun group and created a blog for it so we could communicate activities. I’m new to blogging but, it’s a start it is

    Just an idea!

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  7. Comment-Anonymous momof3crazykids

    These look great. I will have to try the Activity days when we get back from vacation.

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