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35 Crafty Baby Girl Gifts to Make


The best crafty baby girl gifts you’ll want to make and give for baby showers, christening gifts, a new grand baby, or your little one one the way.  These handmade baby gifts for girls are so sweet and adorable!

35 Crafty Baby Girl Gifts to Make on Tip Junkie

Learn how to make these little girl presents by clicking the links below which will take you to pictured instructions from a fellow crafty gal. Tip Junkie loves to promote creative women through their tutorials and products.  The baby girl gifts below include a mermaid gown, triangle blanket, baby hats, wooden teething rings, pacifier clips, bibs, burp rags, booties and hair bows.

Crafty Baby Girl Gift

Crafty Baby Girl Gift

1.  Mermaid Gown Baby Tutorial ~  Swoon! With all of the trendy mystical mermaid tails you see everywhere you can now sew one for your little one.  Makes a fun photo prop too!

Modern Ombre Triangle Quilt

2.  Modern Ombre Triangle Quilt ~There are probably a million possibilities for color combinations for this quilt.  Think of all the triangle combinations you could come up with!

Wooden Ring Teether

3.  Wooden Ring Teether ~ Make a handy yet fashionable teething ring for baby with this simple sewing tutorial.

DIY Baby Hat Sewing Pattern

4.  DIY Baby Hat Sewing Pattern ~ These sweet little hats are stretchy and comfortable for any new baby. Pattern comes in preemie to 12 months sizes.

Ruffled Bloomers Pattern & Tutorial

5.  Ruffled Bloomers Pattern & Tutorial ~ There is nothing cuter than ruffles on the babies butt!  These bloomers have the same idea, but with a twist.  The ruffles are on the side panels, and accented with a giant bow that ties around the back.  Download the free pattern size 0-6 months.

DIY Baby Gifts

DIY Baby Gifts

6.  Cheap Baby Gift to Make {Initial Printable Art} ~ All 26 letters of the alphabet are available to download and print for free.  All you have to do is frame it.

Crochet Jellyfish

7.  Crochet Jellyfish ~ Make a cute bathtime jellyfish toy complete with curly tentacles for your little one.

 Handmade Baby Gifts for Girls

Handmade Baby Gifts for Girls

8.  Baby Gift Tutorial {baby bibs} ~ These bibs have a soft terry cloth back so they are super absorbent to catch those dribbles and spills. And as you can never have to many clean bibs on hand, they make for a fabulous homemade baby shower gift.

Easy Sew Baby Gift

9.   Easy Sew Baby Gift ~ This is a quick and easy project, plus you can make several at a time to keep on hand.  These are fabulous to accessorize a baby shower gift instead of topping it with a useless bow.  Any new mommy will love you for it!

Crochet Hat Pattern

10.   Crochet Hat Pattern ~ Elegant and playful is a style that will never fade. It really doesn’t get much cuter than this crochet turban hat!

Scrap Ribbon Tag Toy

11.  Scrap Ribbon Tag Toy ~ The baby tag toy has lots of loops around the edges which is perfect for tiny fingers to hold on to.  Perfect for airplane rides, restaurants, church, etc.

Homemade Baby Swing

12.  Homemade Baby Swing ~ Here is a fabulous sewing project to make for a new addition! This baby swing is adorable and perfect for a baby that can hold their head up. Make one thanks to the great tutorial found in this post!

Little Girl Presents

Little Girl Presents

13.  Teething Necklace ~ Make a cloth teething necklace in minutes.  A great fabric scrap project.

Vintage-Trimmed Onesies {Baby}

14.  Vintage-Trimmed Onesies {Baby} ~ Here is an easy project that will yield adorable results! All you need is a onesie and the trim of your choice! Take your sewing machine and zig zag your way to a cute onesie! Perfect for a baby gift or to keep for your own bundle of joy!

Boho Baby Romper Pattern

15.  Boho Baby Romper Pattern ~ Lace anything is oh so stylish and this infant romper is no exception! With adorable pattern play and lace across the chest, this romper is easy to make and will look so cute on your little girl! Could even make a great gift!

Baby Hair Bow Patterns

Baby Hair Bow Patterns

16.  Knot Bow Headband {free pattern} ~ These soft little headbands are stretchy and comfortable. There’s even a free pattern provided with the tutorial.  Great as a gift topper for a baby shower.

Upcycled Baby Headbands

17.  Upcycled Baby Headbands ~ This headband is adorable, perfect for baby to toddler aged girly girls! Learn how to create this cute hair accessory with this great tutorial using old baby clothes.

Felt Hair Accessories

18.  Felt Hair Accessories ~ Make these adorable felt hair accessories for your little one. They include flower and bow hair clips and headbands.

Baby Shoes Pattern Free

Baby Shoes Pattern Free

19.  Baby Shoes Knitting Pattern Free ~ Use this free cable knit pattern to make baby booties.  They’ll keep baby boys and girls little feet warm and cozy.  There’s a google translator for English.

Leather Baby Shoes

20.  Leather Baby Shoes ~ This tutorial will set you down the trail to making some adorable baby booties! These little leather beauties will have you blushing! There’s lots of room to change it up too, so get creative!

TOMS Inspired Baby Shoes

21.  TOMS Inspired Baby Shoes ~ TOMS shoes are all the rage these days! Sometimes they are not always pocket book friendly. This tutorial and free pattern shows you how to make your own booties. You can even order the customized labels.

Newborn Gifts

Newborn Gifts

22.  Best DIY Baby Gift ~ This baby changing mat pattern has two different size options for you to make.  It’s a very practical gift that will be used daily. {featured via craft room}

Roll-up Diaper Changer {free pattern}

23.  Roll-up Diaper Changer {free pattern} ~ This roll-up diaper changing pad has a pocket for storing wipes, diapers and a change of clothes.  The changer rolls up neatly to store in a diaper bag or purse.  It’s made with a vinyl table cloth which is perfect for wiping up leaks and spills.  Plus it’s affordable – the vinyl table cloth was only $5!

Homemade Diaper Bags & Accessories

Homemade Diaper Bags & Accessories

24.  Sweet Ruffled Baby Bag This is such a cute diaper bag with sweet ruffle details! Best of all, if you can sew, you can make one yourself! Using this great tutorial you will be able to create a beautiful bag to carry all of little ones things!

DIY Burp Clothes

25.  DIY Burp Clothes ~ Quickly and easily make these adorable burp cloths to give as a baby gift to an expecting mom.

Wet Bag Tutorial

26.  Wet Bag Tutorial ~ Wet bags are perfect for storing soiled diapers, wet undies, or a wet swim suit.  Well, anything wet that you want to keep separate in your diaper bag.  You can easily make one with either laminated cotton or oil cloth and a zipper.

Pacifier Pocket {free pattern}

27.  Pacifier Pocket {free pattern} ~ This fabulous pacifier pocket not only keeps the binky clean, but also at hands reach.  You can snap it to a diaper bag, purse, stroller or even the infant carrier.

Giraffe Gifts to Make for Baby

Giraffe Gifts to Make for Baby

28.  Giraffe Crinkly Sensory Toy Take inspiration from a baby shower registry to create your own homemade gifts for babies. This toy can also easily be monogrammed for an added personalized touch.

Unique Baby Gifts for Girls

Unique Baby Gifts for Girls

29.  DIY Closet Dividers ~ These awesome Baby’s Room closet dividers are a must have for any new arrival! They are so simple and quick to make, you will want to include them in any gift you are giving to the new Mom for sure!

DIY Boppy Pillow

30.  DIY Boppy Pillow ~ A free pattern for sewing a bobby pillow. Customize the fabric to match the baby nursery. A cute and useful baby shower gift.

Baby Blanket Tutorials

Baby Blanket Tutorials

31.  Crochet Blanket Pattern ~ Crochet a beautiful baby blanket in this feather and fan pattern using a worsted weight yarn.  The delicate lacy pattern is simply gorgeous!

luxe lovey

32.  Luxe Lovey for Baby {tutorial} ~  This lovey blanket is not only a cute and portable baby-sized blanket it is also comforting for baby.  The mother is supposed to sleep a couple of nights with the lovey to imbue it with her scent, and then give it to baby so that baby will be comforted by it when mommy is in the other room sleeping, or away for an hour or two. So it’s soft and cuddly and portable, and smells like mom–perfect!

Heirloom Cut Chenille Baby Quilt

33.  Heirloom Cut Chenille Baby Quilt ~ The blanket is 45″x45″, a generous size for using as a play mat and transitioning to a nap or lap blanket when baby is older.

Baby Gift Baskets

Baby Gift Baskets

34.  Basket of Baby To-Go Pouches Tutorial ~ Help a new mother feel not-so-overwhelmed with this useful and beautiful baby shower gift.  Each pouch contains different items which correspond to their contents which include those on-the-go essentials like diapers, wipes, a new onesie, pouches of formula and baby food, etc.

Baby Washcloth Cupcakes

35.  Baby Washcloth Cupcakes ~ If you are giving washcloths at a baby shower, why not present them as cupcakes in a cute basket? Complete them with hair bow toppings.

19 practical items to sew, knit, and crochet for your newborn!
19 practical items to sew, knit, and crochet for your newborn!

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