32 Creepy Halloween Food & Treats [recipe how-to]


These Halloween recipes are yummy, fun to make with the kids, and perfect for a Halloween party food!  Here are recipe how-to tutorials for Halloween food which include Halloween cupcakes, desserts, party snacks, and Halloween treats, menu, gross party food, Halloween appetizers, and much more.

Who knew there would be so much variety when it comes to making Halloween food and treats? I sure didn’t, but wait till you see the fun treats. You can find ghost pops, haunted house smores pops, spooky spider cake pops, candy corn fudge, Dracula Ding Dong pops, Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops, black cat cookies, Frankenstein Monster cake, Cinnamon Caramel Apple Pumpkins, lil’monster cupcakes, graveyard cupcakes, pumpkin cupcakes, chocolate-covered strawberries, and creepy peepers Halloween Jell-o.

As always, the Tip Junkie Crafty Food and Halloween sites have hundreds of pictured tutorials for Halloween Food recipes. You can always search there if you’re looking for more pictured tutorials. {wink}

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32 creepy ideas for halloween food

You can find snacks like spooky snacks for toddlers, witch hat appetizers, spooky spider cheeseball, candy corn pizza, black bean soup with toasted pumpkin faces, tentacle pot pie, spider web snacks, apple smiles, candy corn puppy chow, mummy food, Halloween party food, Gross-ology party food, turkey eyeballs, and “finger” food.

You can add drinks to your list with orange-vanilla potion, mad scientist potion, and a gummy worm slushy. Don’t forget to check out the cupcake tutorials!

32 creepy halloween food and treats


Halloween Recipes

shindig ghost pop halloween

1.  Halloween Ghost Pops ~ This step by step tutorial will show you how easy it is to transform an Oreo cookie and some candy melts into a cute Halloween ghost pop that will be a party pleaser.  These are great for a school Halloween party or to give out to trick or treaters that you know well enough to hand out homemade treats.


Spooky House Smores Pops

2.   Haunted House S’more Pops ~ These spooky smores are a cute haunted house, complete with a full moon and ghosts.  A fun Halloween party favor or a cute snack to let your school-aged kids make at a class party.

spider cake pops

3.  Spooky Spider Cake Pops ~ Bakerella has added creepy-crawly eight-legged spiders to her collection of fun Halloween cake pops.  With some edible markers and gab of M&Ms, you will be well on your way to creating this spooky Halloween treats.


Halloween Foods

Spooky Snacks for Toddlers

4.  Spooky Snacks for Toddlers ~ A fun way to disguise food that your little ones are sure to love!  This tutorial shows you how to decorate a plastic cup into a ghost, jack-o-lantern, and Frankenstein.


Halloween Treats

candy corn fudge

5.  Candy Corn Fudge ~ How cute is this candy corn fudge?  It looks creamy, smooth and delicious.  This recipe is so easy that even the kids can help make it.  It only requires two ingredients.

Ding Dong Dracula Pops

6.  Ding Dong Dracula Pops ~ I want to suck your blood!  Mwahahahaha!  Learn how to transform a Hostess Ding Dong into a Dracula pop using frosting and candy pieces.

Frankenstein Marshmallow pops

7.  Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops ~ Your little kids will love making these fun little Halloween treats.  Turn marshmallows into cute green monsters in four easy steps.  They will love drawing Frankensteins’ funny faces and sharing these fun treats with their friends.

Black Cat Cookies

8.  Black Cat Cookies ~ No cookie cutters required to make these fun black cat cookies.  These are a great project to have little ones help within the kitchen because there are many steps that are purrrr-fect for little hands.


Halloween Party Food

Orange Vanilla Potion

9.  Orange Vanilla Potion ~ A refreshing and festive Halloween smoothie without any added sugar.  How cute is the ghost marshmallow peep in top?!

Mad Scientist Potion

10.  Mad Scientist Potion ~ Serve up some witches brew with this fun drink!  It’s sure to excite both kids and adults.  They are so simple to make you will be surprised.  Check out the tutorial to learn what the secret ingredient is to make this drink bubble and smoke.

gummy worm slushy

11.  Gummy Worm Slushy ~ An easy slushie you can make for any occasion for your kids, Halloween, April Fool’s day, outdoor birthday party theme, or just for fun!


Halloween Appetizers

Witch Hat appetizer Halloween recipe

12.  Witch Hat Appetizers ~ These savory witch hat appetizers are crescent dough filled with a yummy chicken salad.  A delicious recipe in a fun Halloween theme.  You can check out the recipe and all of the witch-themed party plans.

 spooky spider cheeseball

13.  Spooky Spider Cheeseball ~A cheeseball is pretty traditional party food, especially when large groups of people are involved like during the holidays.  But this recipe takes a regular cheeseball up a couple of notches.


Halloween Desserts

Frankenstein Monster Cake

14.  Frankenstein Monster Cake ~ Isn’t this Frankenstein cake absolutely amazing?!  Learn how to transform an ordinary cake into a Frankenstein Monster masterpiece.

Sweet Caramel Apple Pumpkins

15.  Cinnamon Caramel Apple Pumpkins ~ Caramel Apples are a traditional fall treat, so why not decorate them to look like the most traditional fall fruit.  This delicious cinnamon caramel apple recipe is a fun fall treat that is only made cuter when dressed to look like a pumpkin.


Halloween Cupcakes

Cupcakes decorated like monsters

16.  Lil’ Monsters ~ What kid wouldn’t love these super cute Monster Cupcakes?  These would be perfect for a Halloween party or a classroom of enthusiastic children.

Halloween cupcakes

17.  5 Halloween Cupcake Tutorials ~ If you’re looking for some fun cupcake ideas for Halloween this is a perfect post for you! With five different ways to make spooky cupcakes, you’ll be set for a party or even just an afternoon of yummy fun!

graveyard cupcakes

18.  Graveyard Cupcakes ~ These cute and spooky cupcakes are almost as easy to make as they are fun to eat.  But be warned, after reading the post you will likely want to eat cupcakes and buy Gourmet Writers.

Pumpkin in the middle of the cupcake

19.  Pumpkin in a Cupcake ~ What a fun treat to find in the center of your cupcake!  A pumpkin.  The sugar cookie dough was divided, colored, and formed into a pumpkin.  The post also shows you how to make candy corn cupcakes.

Halloween Food Ideas

candy corn looking pizza

20.  Candy Corn Halloween Pizza ~ Turn a regular cheese pizza into a Halloween treat with jut the addition of a little more cheese.  This candy corn cheese pizza can be used with your favorite pizza recipe or by using the yummy pizza recipe from the ladies of Our Best Bites.

Pumpkin Decorated Black Bean Soup

21.  Black Bean Soup with Toasted Jack-O-Lanterns ~ With the weather cooling off, it is a great time to throw some soup recipes into your menu.  And these fun toasted tortilla jack-o-lanterns are a great way to get your kids to try a new soup!

Halloween Recipes

Tentacle potpie

22.  Tentacle Pot Pie {Tutorial} ~ Surprise your kids with this fun dinner – or really get them worried by telling them you will be serving octopus {evil laugh}.  These would also be fabulous for a beach-themed party or for Halloween.

Halloween Party Snacks

Spider Web Snacks

23.  Spider Web Snacks ~ This fun Halloween treat is easy to make and both kid-friendly in the kitchen and in their tummies.

Halloween chocolate covered strawberries

24.  Halloween Chocolate Covered Strawberries ~ Dress up your chocolate-covered strawberries for your Halloween party.  See how to turn this delicious party treat into spooky bats, pumpkins, mummies, and monsters.  They will be a fun addition to your Halloween table.

apples and mini marshmallows put together to make smiles

25.  Apple Smiles ~ These toothsome treats are a fun and healthy break from Halloween sweets.  Made out of apples and miniature marshmallows.

Candy Corn Puppy Chow

26.  Candy Corn Puppy Chow ~ Quickly throw together this simple Candy Corn Puppy Chow for an afternoon snack or party.  What a terrific idea to serve single portions in cupcake liners.

Halloween Menu

mummy food

27.  Mummy Food ~ Mummify your food with these 3 fun recipes for mummy dogs, mummy pretzels and mummy banana pops.

Halloween food recipes party Creepy Crawler Carnival

28.  Halloween Party Food ~ I just love Halloween.  Here are a bunch of ideas for some creepy food, sure to give all your guests the spooks!

Gross Party Food

bandaide snacks

29.  Gross-ology Party Food ~ Plan a menu of gross food for your next party or for a fun snack for the kids.  Some of the menu ideas include scabs & pus, dirty diaper, rat droppings, dirty band-aids, ear wax, and a plate of worms.  Yucky, but so much fun!

Jello made to look like eyeballs

30.  Creepy Peepers Halloween Jell-O ~ I definitely have the jeepers creepers from looking at this jell-O.  The tutorial shows you how to make these cool eyes from Knox gelatin and sweetened condensed milk.

Turkey dish made to look like eyeballs

31.  Turkey Eyeballs ~ This recipe for turkey pesto meatballs might become a family favorite, but make it a Halloween favorite with the easy addition of some black olive slices.  This creepy eyeball dinner will be sure to gross your guests out.

Hotdogs made to look like fingers

32.  Halloween “Finger” Food ~ These “fingers” are sure to gross out your guests and kids!  Jo shows you the technique to cut a wiener sausage into a finger.  The knuckle makes them appear realistic.


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