Baby Shower Tips & Ideas


Do you know anyone who’s pregnant?  ‘Cuz you’re going to love these baby shower ideas.  Most of these baby shower ideas can be altered to almost any entertaining occasion.


1.  Sugarcoated high tea’s baby shower favor.
2.  Rainy Lake Chick girls rock baby shower.
3.  Word’s of Wisdom silhouette cards from Holly.
4.  Brownie mix party favor from One Cool Chick.


5.  Nursery Inspired baby shower.
6.  Little White Book’s vintage baby shower.
7.  Erin’s jungle themed baby shower.
8.  Stephmodo’s couples baby shower.

Huge thanks to these fabulous bloggers who thrown fabulous parties!  You’ve most certainly earned your “I was featured” button from Tip Junkie.


a.  TJ Giveaway Directory:  Baby star “Rock the Tote” Giveaway
b.  TJ Mom-preneur Shops:  Rockin’ Ella Grace
c.  Executive Homemaker:  Special Day’s Booklet (boredom buster)
d.  Chic Chick Media:  Cutest Little Baby Face

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
-- -- -- 1 Year
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  1. so much fun stuff; I want to try them allllllll (the link to Stephmodo’s couples baby shower doesn’t work…bummer!)

  2. The link to #8 is taking me to the jungle themed shower and I would love to see a larger version of the invitation in the #8 picture. Can I get the link to the invite?

  3. I love these ideas. I will have to keep them in mind since I am surrounded by impregnated women 🙂

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