13 First Day Of School Traditions


These are 13 of the most creative and thoughtful first day of school traditions to start back to school on a really fun note.  You’ll find recipes, back to school night traditions, and creative crafts to make together.

13 First Day Of School Traditions

Mandy makes Butterfly Breakfasts for a great back to school breakfast.

Nikki’s Back-School-Feast is a terrific Idea to make your children feel special.

Nikki’s daughter’s birthday and the first day of school are usually around the same day. Last year they made back-to-school kits at her party and this year they had a spa day!

Take a look at this drab to fab backpack Julie made over. Fabulous!

Julie also beautified her girls lunch boxes as well. Julie sends a hand written note to her kids teachers with their best discipline style, pitfalls for dealing with her kids, and anything special they may have going on with them.

Julie also sends a bath and body works, Apple lotion or antibacterial soap with an apple for the teacher note either written or printed. Cute idea!

Kristi has a cute first day of school tradition. The “Magic School Bus” comes by her house the night before the first day of school and leave a gigantic lunch bag (paper shopping bag from the grocery) at our front door and rings the doorbell and runs. Inside is just some fun school supplies and a little gift.

Mique has some fun traditions as well. She adds her kiddos names to their backpacks and makes them backpack tags with all their info on it. Thanks to Mique, I’ve adopted this tradition every year!

They also make and decorate bus cookies. Yummy!

You’ll have to check out all the fun back to school handmade ideas over on Mique’s 30 Handmade Days blog.

Cristin made these shirts for her kiddo’s last day of school but you could also do something similar for the first day!

Cristin also has a tradition of taking a picture of the kids with what grade their starting.

Cristin’s also makes these back to school cones for each of her kids. It’s a German tradition that she’s adopted for her family. The last tradition she does is the School Fairy brings donuts to the kiddos the first day of school. Seriously, so fun!!

What about a school supply scavenger hunt?

Back to School Traditions:

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  1. wow I can use some of these ideas. My only problem is I live in a small house and doesn’t really have enough wall or floor space to place stuff. I’m helpless.


  2. I am loving this blog! Just found it and I am already a “tip junkie”. I just gave one of the craft projects a try and posted it on my blog and sharing where I found it. Thanks!!

  3. How fun. I love family traditions like these. My “baby” just started K today and believe me, we will be celebrating tonight!!

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