12 First Day Of School Activities [traditions]


It’s back to school time! I love surprising my boys with new traditions and making memories which {{hopefully}} they’ll look back on and feel my love for them.

First Day of School Activities for Kids

Today I’ve found a few new first day of school activities and traditions and a couple twists on the tried and true ones.I hope this year you’ll start a new 1st day of school tradition with your kiddos.  It’s never to late to start!

First Day Of School Activities


1.  Alpha Mom show you how to make a Schultüte for your child’s first school year.
2.  Lauren’s back to school breakfast – name pancakes.
3.  First Day of School Boo-Hoo Breakfast from Katrina.
4.  Katrina adds her child’s favorite character to their backpack and makes lunch tags.

First Day Activities


5.  Everything Mom’s school countdown jar.
6.  Brassy Apple’s back to school countdown chain.
7.  Back to school themed dinner decorations from Little Ant Design.
8.  Kristi’s back to school survival kit.

1st Day At School


9.  Terri’s parents had them shake hands on the first day of school.
10.  Brenda cuts out numbers for each of her children to hold.
11.  Make a 1st day of school photo collage like Wendy.
12.  Decorate your kiddos binders like binder buddies from Shannon.

12 First Day Of School Activities


Back to School Traditions:

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  1. WOW! I really love the post hear. I’m sure I’ll be capable to put it to some great uses. Thanks, enjoyed 🙂

  2. WOW! I really enjoyed the information hear. I’m sure I’ll be capable to put it to some great uses. Thanks, enjoyed 😀

  3. Giving the kids specific memories of their first day back to school will, hopefully, keep them eager to wake up and face the day ahead with vigor and enthusiasm. Special meals for breakfast (their favorite, of course), plus fun snacks will do the trick. Maybe giving them a sort of “star” records diary for keeping track of their achievements during the day will make them strive to excel during the lessons:)

  4. Some great ideas for the dreaded return back to school. I also read on another blog (might have been this one) about cooking a special breakfast on the first day back which I thought was an awesome idea and a great way to get the kids all set up for the day.

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