Teach Me Thursday Tutorials


It’s my favorite day of the week where I feature tutorials of every kind!  Today I’m featuring tutorials submitted by Tip Junkie readers.  I just love all the goodies I get in my inbox daily and I hope you do too.

Learn something new today and be sure to tell these creative women that the Tip Junkie sent you!


1.  How to create your own dress form from Marianne.
2.  Here is Amy’s fabric pattern gift box tutorial.  {{modge podge does rock!}}
3.  Jeanne teaches us how to design & paint letters without needing stencils.
4.  Magic Onion’s garden in a jar; how to make a moss terrarium.


5.  Maria’s jean apron instructions, it’s easy.
6.  Bethany’s tutorial for sewing an oversize owl shoulder bag.
7.  LillyShay used an old pair of pants to make her own pattern.
8.  Rozzi gives sewing lessons starting with fabric.


9.  Mel makes stamps with 3 dimensional paint and bottle lids.
10.  Mel also has a tutorial on how to make this adorable owl plushie!
11.  Needle case tutorial from Khris.
12.  Maggie’s tutorial on how to use fresh flowers as embossing.


Here is the newest inspiration from my other sites:

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b. TJ Mom-preneur Shops:  Ragamuffins
c. Executive Homemaker:  Don’t Eat Darcy! {{funny gift}}
d. Visit Our Peeps: Cute Cupcake Candles

If you like these tips, you’ll love what I feature every day.  Don’t miss a thing:


  1. Comment-Anonymous Mel

    These are amazing! Thank you so much for working to share all the inspiration you share. It adds oodles and oodles to the craft world! :o)

  2. 2
  3. Comment-Anonymous Sarai

    We love your creativity and your giveaway directory and hope to contribute to it sometime soon!

    We’ve linked you on our new craft blog (www.threesimplegirls.blogspot.com).

    -Sarai (of 3SG)

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