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Over the weekend I threw my son a Batman birthday party. The first thing I did when he told me his theme, was to head on over to Tip Junkie and search for “batman” and “superhero”.  I hit the mother-load and decided to make the games correspond with a Superhero Academy theme.

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Blank Printable Batman Party Invitation (7517 downloads) ,
Batman Birthday Party Invitation (9362 downloads)

Batman Birthday Party Invitation

Here is Drake’s Batman Birthday Party Invitation that I made in Microsoft Publisher.  I printed each one on cardstock and then glued it to 5×7 blue paper to polish it off.  I’ve attached my version (as an example) as well as a fill-in-the-blank one that is printer ready for you to use.

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Batman & Superhero Academy Birthday Planner (6815 downloads)

Batman Party Planner

This is the birthday planner that I used to organize my son’s batman birthday party.  I’ve also included the master birthday planner that is a fill-in-the-blank form for you to use for any at home birthday party.

  • Look Like a Super Hero (Decorate Capes & Masks)
  • Leap Buildings in a Single Bound (Trampoline or  Obstacle Course)
  • Beat the Batcave (Retrieve the Glow stick)
  • Mighty Muscles (Lift Styrofoam weights – photo op)
  • Vaporize the Villain (Silly string)
  • Open Presents  (Have box to put presents in & trash sack)
  • Cake & Ice-cream (B-day song)
  • Play toys Upstairs (batman cartoon in case)
  • Hand Out Cookie medals, Graduation Certificates, Party Favors
    (I did this in front of the parents as they were leaving so they didn’t get lost or broken.)

Tip:  I have found that with small children it’s good to have the activities planned out in 10 minute increments. Any longer than that and they get bored and problems happen. 😉  It’s also good to allow some free play at the end of each party so they feel like it was also a play date.

Batman Table Decorations

For the table decor I found these popcorn containers at Garden Ridge pottery for $3 and used the party favor buckets to incorporate the batman theme.

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Batman Cookie Medals (7518 downloads)

Cookie Medals

I made these cookie graduation medals for each child.  I awarded it to them at then end of the party.  I was old school and printed the batman circles onto cardstock and then hot glued the label onto the saran wrap onto the cookie.  I checked it out afterward and the cookie wasn’t effected.  {{just in case you were wondering}}

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Batman Superhero Energy Fuel (7955 downloads)

Water Bottle Wrappers

Everyone needs to stay hydrated during the missions. So each person had their own Superhero Fuel.  Tip:  You can write each guests name on them before the party as they get mixed up easily.

(In the Batman Energy Fuel file I gave you my version with a 4 on it and then I also gave you a blank circle version where you can write in your child’s age.)

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Batman Superhero Snacks (4794 downloads)

Batman Superhero Snacks

The party favor buckets were so big I needed some filler.  So I printed out the Superhero Snacks label on cardstock and filled it with sweet treats.  You can use them during the party with healthier snacks or with their party favor like I did.

(In the Superhero Snacks file I gave you my version with a 4 on it and then I also gave you a blank circle version where you can write in your child’s age.)

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Superhero Cape Monograms (7018 downloads)

Look Like a Superhero Craft

Let’s get this party started!  Once all the guests arrived we started out the party with Look like a Superhero.  It’s important that every student in the Superhero Academy learns how to look like a Superhero.  I made it really easy and had everything all cut out and ready to put on quickly.

How to Make the Superhero Cape:

  • Black felt for the cape
  • Used this superhero cape tutorial
  • Sewed on black Velcro to hold the cape together
  • Yellow sticky back felt for the shape
  • Glitter sticky back felt for their monogram
  • Printed out the masks from Family Fun, stapled elastic on

I printed out all of these fabulous signs for the games from Designer Girl 007.  I pasted them onto large blue poster board to make them bigger and really stand out.  They set the tone for the party and helped it run smoothly.

Leaping Over Buildings in a Single Bound

You can do an obstacle course but since my guests were 4 years old, I decided to let them jump on the trampoline.  They loved it and it helped to get their energy out first thing at the party.  Tip:  Take off their capes before they get on the trampoline – otherwise their stars and letters will start falling off.

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Batman Villains (4405 downloads)

Vaporize a Villain

I made this really simple and hung several bad guys from the batman cartoon.  With $1 Store silly string we counted down and all went to town vaporizing as many villains as possible.  The kiddos loved it!  You can also use water guns.

Mighty Muscles

So show off their strength I made these fake dumbbell and used it as a photo op for each kiddo.  My camera was having problems focusing, but these pictures will be a perfect addition to the thank you note.

How to Make the Dumbbells:

You can pay $18 each for huge Styrofoam balls at Hobby Lobby.  However, I’m way too cheap for that.  I bought 2 large bouncy balls and a dowel rod.  I used a thick washer and duct taped the washer and ball to the dowel rod.  Lastly, I spray painted everything black.

Tip:  Walmart had $3 foam balls that I wish I had used instead of the bouncy balls.  They only stayed straight for 3 kids so it would have been better to have smaller balls but have the dowel rod stick into it so they stayed level.

Retrieve Kryptonight from the Batcave

I used our media room as the batcave and strung black crepe paper all over the place to make a web.  Then I threw in glow sticks.  The mission was for each child to retrieve two glow sticks (kryptonight) from the batcave.  They got to keep the glow sticks and I put them into their party favor buckets.

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Batman Logo (7294 downloads)

Batman Party Favors

For the Superhero Party favors, I bought black buckets from the $1 store and mod podged a batman logo to the front of each one.  I mod podged the “superhero academy” logo from Designer Girl 007 on the back of each one as well.  To polish off the look I tied curly ribbon to one side of each bucket.

What was inside:

$1 Store buckets
Graduation Certificates
Silly String
$1 Store Batman Kites
Superhero Snacks
Superhero Energy Fuel water bottles (if they didn’t use theirs)
Kryptonight from the Batcave
$1 Store silly string (if they had any left)

You an print out the Graduation from Superhero Academy Certificates from Designer Girl 007.  There were great filler for the buckets and each kiddo loved receiving it along with their cookie graduation medal.  You can have this as a ceremony at the end of the party, or just give it to them as their parents come to pick them up.

This birthday party was inspired by these blogs:

P.S.  Join the conversations over on the Tip Junkie Facebook page.  It’s a great place to ask questions on how to make things or for specific tutorials you need.

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  1. This is wonderful… my 2 year old loves batman & we are planning a party. This will be such a great help. I am already working on the capes. I was going to use the free printables, but it keeps telling me to log in or sign in… where do I do that at? My mom sent me to this site, so I have never been here before.

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