7 Beautiful Craft Rooms

Since I’m on a decorating kick here on Tip Junkie, I thought I’d feature some beautiful craft room and decor ideas. Enjoy!

This is Marilyn’s friends’ craft room! When I look at this room I get tons of ideas. I love the clock on the far wall! WOW! I haven’t been able to find the right clock for my game room – maybe I’ll just make my own like that with vinyl lettering and clock parts.

Also, covering storage places with cute fabric is such a great idea. You’ll have to follow the link to see more pictures. Amazing!

Connie’s handy hubby made this display case for her 12 x 12 layouts. This would look great in any craft room!

Kim’s Scrapbooking room is still a work in progress, but it’s turning out great! Thanks for all the fun ideas, Kim.

Emily finished some projects in her home office that are easy and very cool.

Renee has used tons of great storage items to organize her craft room. She even went a step further and did this post which itemizes the Ikea items she used. Yeah for us!

Here is a picture they found on Flickr of a cute craft room. I love storing things in different size bottles and clear containers. Also butting ribbon on a rod is brilliant! My tip is use a metal dowel so it will stay straight. A friend taught me that. 😉

Look what Julie did with her craft room. Her brother made these shelves but you can easily make your own “desk” using a short shelf or end table on each side.

This last one is a dream craft room! There are tons of great ideas but the one I wanted to feature was how she hung scrapbook layouts off a curtain rod. You could hang photos, handmade items you’ve made awaiting sale, etc. Sky’s the limit. It would add such a beautiful effect to your room and double as storage.

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  1. What a surprise I got when I clicked on your webpage and saw my friends craft room displayed – thanks so much for stopping by my site and for including my site in your blog! You always have the most amazing tips and ideas – it must take you hours doing this!!

  2. I loved this post because I am ALL about future studio daydreams!! [sigh] *B

  3. Wow, I was just blurfing and saw this site as well as my craft room, how cool! Glad you liked it!!

  4. I love looking at other peoples craft rooms..you found some good ones. Really love the clock idea!

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