DIY Floor Length Curtains For Cheap!

I wanted floor length curtains for our living room, but was having a hard time finding any that wouldn’t break the bank. So I decided to make my own out of tablecloths! I found the table cloths at Bed Bath & Beyond for about $10 a piece & hung them with ring clips that I

DIY Deer Head Pallet

I made this rustic DIY deer head pallet mount for our living room to add some rustic charm & warmth to the space. This project was simple & easy to make. See more photos & how to on the blog: DIY Deer Head Pallet Mount or the facebook page here:

Home Design: 5 Steps to Use Photos to Create Your Look

Find the perfect bedroom in a magazine and want to recreate the look?  Today we’re talking about home design with 5 easy steps to use photos you love to create your look!  Let’s train your eye to properly discern these picture-perfect images. Shall we? I still have drawers of inspiration images… But now that we

How To Make A Headboard {16 Free Patterns}

Making a headboard for your bed is easier than you think! Believe me, if my self-proclaimed “un-crafty” sister can make a headboard then you can.  {{evil laugh}}  If you’ve been wanting to transform a bedroom, you’ll love these 10 free patterns on how to make a headboard!  Each one has pictured instructions which takes you

12 Beautiful Crafting Rooms {diy}

One of the most searched for ideas on Tip Junkie is craft room ideas.  So I thought I’d give those of you who are going to redesign a special place for yourself this year some really cool DIY inspiration.  Here are 12 beautiful craft rooms that you can make yourself! Crafting 1.  Heather Bailey’s gorgeously

Star Wars Room {7 Creative Ideas}

A while back my middle son decided he wanted to have a boy Star Wars room so I searched for wall decor ideas and inspiration. I didn’t find a lot of ideas, but what I found was incredible.  Sadly, my son changed his mind and now wants a martial arts room.  {{sigh}} So that all

Craft Room Storage {Before and After}

12 craft room storage ideas with before and after pictures that will help you design the craft room of your dreams! Craft Room 1.  There are so many craft room organizational ideas from It’s Me, Sarah. 2. Check out Sky Angel’s sewing room with pegboard organizers. 3.  Kristen used a  shelf partion to make 2

Interior Design ~ The Craft Room

It’s been a while since I’ve featured craft rooms and I just love to take a sneak peek into other peoples homes. Don’t you?  Here are several amazing crafters who have tips on how to organize their craft rooms but decorate them as well.  Enjoy. Crafting 1.  JannyPie made her own craft desk and hooked

7 Beautiful Craft Rooms

Since I’m on a decorating kick here on Tip Junkie, I thought I’d feature some beautiful craft room and decor ideas. Enjoy! This is Marilyn’s friends’ craft room! When I look at this room I get tons of ideas. I love the clock on the far wall! WOW! I haven’t been able to find the