Home Design: 5 Steps to Use Photos to Create Your Look


Find the perfect bedroom in a magazine and want to recreate the look?  Today we’re talking about home design with 5 easy steps to use photos you love to create your look!  Let’s train your eye to properly discern these picture-perfect images. Shall we?

I still have drawers of inspiration images… But now that we have the web or binder of great ideas where do we go next?  How do we incorporate these ideas or how do we define our styles when the rooms all look a little different.

Your Look

Well, we need to develop a critical eye for images.  How do we do this?   Let’s say you are planning a master bedroom remodel.  Here are the pictures you have seen and love…

They are all different styles, and even rooms, so how do you know where to go.  Paralyzation kicks in and you sit around, doing nothing with all your hard earned bedroom remodel budget, cause you are afraid to make mistakes.

Okay so let’s make this a little easier (by now you know that I am into the five step thing!)

You need to break down each image.  Start with sticky notes (or your Pinterest note) write down each element that draws you to the picture.

Do you like the texture that rug brings into the room, that is echoed in the natural woven baskets on the shelf.
Do you like the wall color?
The style of the furnishings?
The wood finish?
The accent color?
Do you like the gold accents on the mirrors or ottomans?

Be very specific, check out this post on my blog for my example of breaking down the elements of a room.

Now that you know why you like the images.  It is time to pick out your favorite elements.  These will be the main ideas that you would like to incorporate into your room.  Create a mood board with those element.

This is one I made in college for a spa with an attached residence.
Add it to you design binder.
Pick out your colors! and presto you know where to start

When you go shopping take you binder or Pin board with you (be aware that it might be good to have real fabric and paint samples with you, as screens on computers can be off on colors).  Use these images to guide your choices.  You do not have to literally find that particular lamp, but let’s say you find a lamp in a similar color shape and the scale is just right.  Buy it.  (See step 5 before removing tags!)

Find the tutorial to make this lamp here.

I know it is all the rage to knock-off imitate exact objects from great design resources… you know what I mean, but don’t be afraid to put your spin on the room.  This is what makes the space feel inviting to you.  Go with your gut, if you think it will make you happy work it in.

Work in family pictures or sentimental objects or furnishings.

Don’t be afraid to paint it, and/or don’t worry if you leave it as it is… We don’t have to follow every trend.  Be true to yourself, that is the goal for this space!


Don’t be afraid to edit…  If something you planned on all along is distracting from the whole feel of the room cut it out!  **That said, when you buy something for the space, don’t take those tags off and KEEP you receipts, until the room is complete!

Sometimes we buy something “just knowing” it will work for the space.  But guess what, we finish the room and it just doesn’t work! Urgh!  But you bought it early, it matched your mood board, it was in your inspiration photo- so you took of the tags and washed it, and rocked it to sleep…it is now your baby and you are not getting rid of it… you also are not getting your money back for something that is just taking up your extra space!

Don’t take your mood board too literally, let the room develop!  And once you get to this point, you should know if it will work or not!   Hope this helps you go in the direction of your dreams (house)!

Please be sure to check out the accompanying post on Remodelaholic!  To see an example of how I broke down an inspiration image!

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Remodelaholic is written by Cassity and Justin. Cassity has a degree in interior design and Justin is a landscape architect, so we adore everything that makes up a HOME! We love to share home remodeling ideas and projects we’re working on. From huge kitchen renovation ideas to small bathroom remodels, there isn’t anything we won’t try to tackle (at least once!). We are in the midst of our third whole home renovation, (check out house 1 and house 2 as well, so there should be a lot more inspiration coming your way). We hope that you will stop by often for home design inspiration, tutorials, interior design tips, delicious recipes and what going on in our family life.


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