Star Wars Room {7 Creative Ideas}

A while back my middle son decided he wanted to have a boy Star Wars room so I searched for wall decor ideas and inspiration. I didn’t find a lot of ideas, but what I found was incredible.  Sadly, my son changed his mind and now wants a martial arts room.  {{sigh}}

So that all my work doesn’t go to waste, here’s a fun round up of boys Star Wars wall decor ideas you can use to make your sons room out of this world!

Star Wars AT-AT Imperial Walker Loft Bed

Star Wars Room

Star Wars AT-AT Imperial Walker Loft Bed Video Tutorial -This is a loft bed that resembles an AT-AT Imperial Walker. I searched the Internet and found scale models, cakes, legos, baby strollers and costumes resembling an AT-AT, but never found a bed that resembled an AT-AT. So I made one.

Star Wars Y-Wing Bedroom – I’m completely wowed by this father who built half a Y-Wing in his son’s bedroom, hanging from above, with the bed on top.

Star Wars Spaceship Bed from HGTV

Star Wars Spaceship Bed from HGTV – So, this bedroom is actually a space station that the ship/bed is docking into. Extra care was taken in each detail. Cushions surround the edges of the bed, and the trundle mattress becomes part of the ship itself.

Creative Ideas

1.  This Star Wars bedroom wall was painted by Sacredart for a family in West Chiltington, Sussex, creating the ultimate Star Wars wallpaper, and it only took a week.  WOW!  This makes me wish I could paint murals.
2.  DIY Star Wars Clone Tooper Lamp from Star Wars Crafts.  For just under $2o i made a Endorian-landscape lamp. complete with a Biker Scout.
3.  Star Wars in the Nursery – Star Wars baby mobile and bedding idea from Ohdeedoh.
4.  Ultimate Star Wars Room Decor – Fun ways to store your collectibles.

Star Wars Boy Bedroom Ideas

Boy Star Wars Bedroom Ideas

5.  May the Force Be with you bedroom ideas from Pink Papillion.  Ideas from Pottery Barn Kids.
6.  How to make a Star Wars Headboard with Glowing Stars from Instructables.
7.  Star Wars themed bedroom bedding and cut outs from Kids Decorating Ideas.
8.  Star Wars painted mural for a boys bedroom.

What themed room does your child have?


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  1. My son has been in love with all things Star Wars since before he was 2. He just turned 7 and it hasn’t worn off one bit! Thanks for this post, he LOVED looking at all the awesome stuff you have found!

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