How To Make A Headboard {16 Free Patterns}


Making a headboard for your bed is easier than you think! Believe me, if my self-proclaimed “un-crafty” sister can make a headboard then you can.  {{evil laugh}}  If you’ve been wanting to transform a bedroom, you’ll love these 10 free patterns on how to make a headboard!  Each one has pictured instructions which takes you through the process.

how to make a headboard

How To Make a Headboard

1. Upholstered Headboard with Nailhead Trim – A comprehensive tutorial and how to guide on how to make a headboard that’s upholstered with nailhead trim.

How to Guide: DIY Headboard

How to Guide: DIY Headboard

2.  DIY Project: Embroidered Headboard –  Here’s how to have a iron headboard that’s comfy and chic.
3.  Make a Mantel Your Headboard –  First they refinished the mantel with a fresh coat of paint and then covered the middle with padded upholstery.
4.  Make a Headboard Using A Five Panel Door –  What a cool idea to refinish a five panel door to create this sleek headboard.
5.  How-to make a headboard using a frame – This is a gorgeous headboard that’s ingeniously made out of a large vintage frame.

Make A Headboard

6.   How to-make a headboard out of tin – My sister bought a large piece of scrap tin, re-painted it, nailed it to a frame, and uses it as a headboard in her guest bedroom.
7.  DIY Kitchen Cabinet headboard – How to make a gorgeous headboard for your bed out of kitchen cabinets.

Making a Padded Headboard

Making a Padded Headboard

8.  Grace’s upholstered otomi headboard –  A gorgeous headboard with a video tutorial and pictured instructions on how to fold the fabric to create this look yourself.
9.  How to Make a Diamond Tufted Headboard – It looks so rich and glamorous.  Diamond tufting is unique as the tufts are deep, creating beautiful pleats giving upholstery a luxurious finish.
11.  Design Project: How to Make a Padded Headboard – All that’s required is a few yards of  linen some liquid nails, plywood, and egg crate foam.

Making a Headboard with Paint

Making a Headboard with Paint

12. DIY: painting the headboard of your bed on the wall – An easy way to create a iron headboard for your bed with paint.
13. Easy Decor: Wall Stencil Headboard – If you’re looking for a temporary fix and you don’t want to paint – here is a free stencil to paint a beautiful headboard.
14. DIY Lace Headboard – How to turn a yard of lace into a gorgeous headboard.
15. Olivia Headboard Wall Decal – If you’re not comfortable with your painting skills, you can use a wall decal like this one, $24.99.

Cheap and Chic Headboard Projects
16. Cheap and Chic Headboard Projects –  26 really cool headboard projects that will inspire yo to create something gorgeous for any bedroom in your house.

More Ways To Decorate:

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  1. Those are all so cute! And I love the one painted on the wall-you’d think as many things as I’ve painted I would have thought of that, but I never have. Love it!

  2. Cute! I have been trying to decide how I want to do the headboard in my sons room on the twin beds. I was thinking of using the old barn wood from my grandfathers barn that recently feel in. Thanks for the ideas, now the gears are turning.

  3. Love the quatrefoil walls in the first one! The mantle is SO clever and I’m trying to convince my boyfriend we should make one out of an old door (like #4) I’ll have to bookmark this to help persuade him!

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