How To Make A Headboard {16 Free Patterns}

Making a headboard for your bed is easier than you think! Believe me, if my self-proclaimed “un-crafty” sister can make a headboard then you can.  {{evil laugh}}  If you’ve been wanting to transform a bedroom, you’ll love these 10 free patterns on how to make a headboard!  Each one has pictured instructions which takes you through the process.

how to make a headboard

How To Make a Headboard

1. Upholstered Headboard with Nailhead Trim – A comprehensive tutorial and how to guide on how to make a headboard that’s upholstered with nailhead trim.

How to Guide: DIY Headboard

How to Guide: DIY Headboard

2.  DIY Project: Embroidered Headboard –  Here’s how to have a iron headboard that’s comfy and chic.
3.  Make a Mantel Your Headboard –  First they refinished the mantel with a fresh coat of paint and then covered the middle with padded upholstery.
4.  Make a Headboard Using A Five Panel Door –  What a cool idea to refinish a five panel door to create this sleek headboard.
5.  How-to make a headboard using a frame – This is a gorgeous headboard that’s ingeniously made out of a large vintage frame.

Make A Headboard

6.   How to-make a headboard out of tin – My sister bought a large piece of scrap tin, re-painted it, nailed it to a frame, and uses it as a headboard in her guest bedroom.
7.  DIY Kitchen Cabinet headboard – How to make a gorgeous headboard for your bed out of kitchen cabinets.

Making a Padded Headboard

Making a Padded Headboard

8.  Grace’s upholstered otomi headboard –  A gorgeous headboard with a video tutorial and pictured instructions on how to fold the fabric to create this look yourself.
9.  How to Make a Diamond Tufted Headboard – It looks so rich and glamorous.  Diamond tufting is unique as the tufts are deep, creating beautiful pleats giving upholstery a luxurious finish.
11.  Design Project: How to Make a Padded Headboard – All that’s required is a few yards of  linen some liquid nails, plywood, and egg crate foam.

Making a Headboard with Paint

Making a Headboard with Paint

12. DIY: painting the headboard of your bed on the wall – An easy way to create a iron headboard for your bed with paint.
13. Easy Decor: Wall Stencil Headboard – If you’re looking for a temporary fix and you don’t want to paint – here is a free stencil to paint a beautiful headboard.
14. DIY Lace Headboard – How to turn a yard of lace into a gorgeous headboard.
15. Olivia Headboard Wall Decal – If you’re not comfortable with your painting skills, you can use a wall decal like this one, $24.99.

Cheap and Chic Headboard Projects
16. Cheap and Chic Headboard Projects –  26 really cool headboard projects that will inspire yo to create something gorgeous for any bedroom in your house.

More Ways To Decorate:

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