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It’s been a while since I’ve featured craft rooms and I just love to take a sneak peek into other peoples homes. Don’t you?  Here are several amazing crafters who have tips on how to organize their craft rooms but decorate them as well.  Enjoy.



1.  JannyPie made her own craft desk and hooked us up with a tutorial.
2.  Craft Addict made over her desk with spray paint and mod podge.
3.  This craft room on Unplggd is amazing with so many storage ideas.
4.  Kitschen Pink created a great space to store her fabric in an awkward space.


Craft Room

5.  I’m loving the hanging baskets, cases, and boxes in this craft room.
6.  Christy Nelson covered formula cans to use a storage.
7.  I’m loving the paint color in My Aim is True’s craft room.
8.  Snazzle Craft decorated her bookshelf with buttons!


Interior Design Rooms

9. Ooh lala, take a look at Stamp & Smile’s craft room.
10. Little Happy Place made this skirted table to cover up her storage.
11.  I love to use jars as storage and decor, perfect for Pretty Neat Company’s craft room.
12.  Making this Home transformed a closet into a craft room.

I hope you’ve picked up several fun tips on how to create a beautiful space for your own home.

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  1. Ooh look! There’s my shelves looking all neat and tidy! Actually the little compartments help to keep them that way! Before the whole stash would disintegrate just after looking for one bit of fabric so I had a fabric heap the whole time! Great post! t.x

  2. Hi Laurie:
    Just found your blog, and realized you give me credit where it’s not quite due. The #10 picture is not actually MY craft goodies hidden under a skirted table. The table belongs to Erika Powell of Urban Grace Interiors. I did a post she contributed to, and that’s how her pic ended up on my blog!
    Thank you, though, for the link!

    alison g.
    My Little Happy Place

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  4. thanks so much for this post!!! and it was literally just in time too! this afternoon i’m putting together my craft room, and i found some lovely ideas of stuff i could use that i already have but never thought of using! thanks again 😀

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