12 Best Couples Halloween Costumes


Homemade Halloween costumes can make such lasting memories!  So if you’re looking for unique couple Halloween costumes, then check out these best couples halloween costumes to dress up as characters, food, board games as well as movie couples.  There’s something for everyone!

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As always, the Tip Junkie Pattern and Halloween sites have hundreds of pictured tutorials with 115 costume ideas. You can always search there if you’re looking for more pictured tutorials. {wink}

Best Couples Halloween Costumes

Best Couples Halloween Costumes

1.  Kissing Sailor ~ Re-create the iconic sailor kissing scene from simple clothing pieces. The only thing you need to diy is a white paper nurse cap hair clip and the rest is purchased items.  A white dress from Forever 21 and thrifted white shoes and sailor top.

French Chef and Macaron

2.  French Chef and Macaron ~ Who doesn’t love something sweet?! And, paired with a French chef makes the perfect combination.

Woodland Deer & Lumberjack Costume

3.  Woodland Deer & Lumberjack Costume ~ Store bought clothing was put together to make these Woodland Deer and Lumberjack costumes.  DIY your own deer antler headband and you have the perfect couples costume.

Costume Ideas for Couples

Costume Ideas for Couples

4.  DIY Fro-Yo and Spoon ~ How ad-orable is this food themed costume?! It’s the perfect combo. Complete with sprinkles on top because sprinkles makes everything better. {cheesy grin}


5.  Guess Who ? ~ A quick and easy costume idea from the board game, Guess Who. The t-shirts, tagboard, fabric paint and fabric were all purchased at Walmart for around $20.  Score!

Fred & Wilma Flintstone

6.  Fred & Wilma Flintstone ~ Yabba dabba doo! How adorable is this Fred & Wilma costume?!  They’re simple costumes made with felt, a belt and styrofoam balls.

Costumes for Couples

Costumes for Couples

7.  Grease ~ Re-create the movie classic Danny and Sandy costumes from black pants, black shirts and don’t forget Sandy’s red high heels. Instead of dress shoes you could use black converse for Danny’s costume.

 The Princess Bride

8.  The Princess Bride ~ A good ‘ol classic princess or should I say damsel in distress to be rescued by her masked hero.  Here’s to Buttercup and Westley.

Forrest Gump & Jenny

9.  Forrest Gump & Jenny ~ “We go together like peas ‘n carrots”, thrift store finds outfitted the Jenny costume and a handmade flower crown adorns her head.

Stranger Things

10.  Stranger Things ~ Channel your inner nerdy self with these Stranger Things costumes for Mike and El. Learn how to pair store bought clothing pieces to make the perfect costumes.

Mary Poppins & Bert

11.  Mary Poppins & Bert ~ Let’s go fly a kite with Mary Poppins and Bert! The entire costume including the props has diy’s. Most of the items were from the Goodwill, Target, Dollar store or they had on hand.

Suicide Squad's Joke and Harley Quinn

12.  Suicide Squad’s Joker and Harley Quinn ~ These killer costumes are sure to have everyone spooked! Learn how to dress as the Joker and Harley Quinn.  There’s even a tutorial for the face makeup.


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