13 Easy Halloween Pumpkin Design Ideas


The best Easy Halloween Pumpkin Design Ideas are now at your fingertips!  These Halloween pumpkin designs are sure to impress your kids, friends and neighbors this Halloween, and best of all, they are easy. Use any of these pumpkin decorating and pumpkin design, no carve pumpkin ideas, painted pumpkins, and pumpkin face ideas to get inspiration for the perfect pumpkin to make this Halloween.

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pumpkin designs

Pumpkin Designs

1.  Woodland Creatures Pumpkins ~ Woodland creature costumes are all the rage this year, and now you can make Woodland Creatures Pumpkins, too. The ideas for these decorative pumpkins make us want to swoon.

painted dots pumpkin

2. Painted Dots Pumpkin ~ This pumpkin is completely decorated with painted dots. How cool is that? If you want a decorative pumpkin that you can use through Thanksgiving, this idea is a must-try!


No-Carve Pumpkins

confetti pumpkins

3.  Confetti Pumpkins ~ If you’ve always wanted a white pumpkin that is unique and fun, this is the tutorial for you. Grab your kids, and get working! This idea is super easy and perfect to do with your kiddos.


4. Melted Crayon Pumpkin Decorating Idea ~ This idea for making a melted crayon pumpkin is fabulous. You’ll need a blow dryer to melt the crayons as well as tacky glue, but we can’t think of anything more simple and colorful!


5. Balloon Dipped Pumpkins ~ For the EASIEST no-carve pumpkin decorating idea on the block, these balloon dipped pumpkins are sweet and spectacular at the same time.


Painted Pumpkins


6.  Colorful No-Carve Owl  ~ Your kids will love making this pumpkin owl because it uses paint and embellishments. You’ll love making it with your kids because it’s easy and hoot-worth just for Halloween.


7. DIY Pumpkin Emojis ~ This pumpkin design tutorial has it all; a little carving, some paint and a result that is absolutely recognizable and apropos.

pumpkin painting with toddler

8. Pumpkin Painting with Toddlers ~ If you have toddlers and carving is out, this craft activity to do with your little ones is fantastic. They get to paint their own gourd and you can even keep them through Halloween. This is such a fun activity for them to do!


9. Mud Cloth Pumpkins ~  This idea for making chalk paint pumpkins using a mud cloth design is a great way to decorate your pumpkin in a super on-trend way!

Halloween Pumpkin Designs


10. Unique Ways to Decorate Pumpkins ~ Isn’t it amazing how unique and stunning no-carve pumpkins can be? These three ideas for decorating your pumpkin are so fantastic we don’t know how you’d choose. {wink}


11. How to Make Glittered Pumpkins ~ Glitter may be messy, but it’s FUN, FUN, FUN. This year, make your pumpkin stand out with sparkles. We love how simple yet beautiful this looks. Try using colorful glitter for a totally different look!


Pumpkin Face Ideas


12.  Minion Painted Pumpkins ~ If your kiddos love Despicable Me, then why not try your hand at painting Minion Pumpkins this Halloween? All you need are brushes, a pumpkin, craft paint, and a few canning lids. {{so cute!}}

No-carve-pumpkin-duck tape

13. Duck Tape Pumpkins ~ DUCK TAPE! Get this fabulous look using duck tape. Who knew making a face pumpkin could be so easy?

   halloween ideas

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