Best Dog Gates for the Home

Picking the best dog gates for the home is NOT as easy as 1-2-3!  I’ve learned this the hard way!  We just brought 2 new puppies into our home who are crate training and have lots of energy. Because we just moved, I didn’t do my due diligence and paper trained them first instead of crate training them {not a good idea}. Now, one of the puppies loves to use my formal dining room rug as her personal restroom {eek}! I’m still learning how to be a good mama to my fur babies.  In the meantime, I’ve had to invest in some serious gates.  Since figuring out what would work best took hours of research and work, I thought I’d share with you in hopes that it’ll it help you in case you find yourself with this dilemma too! {Some of these links are affiliate links!}


As always, the Tip Junkie Crafts and DIY site has thousands of pictured tutorials and good ideas for ways to DIY your space for Pets so you can always search there if youÂ’’re looking for something specific. {wink}

Best Dog Gates

kitchen gate

First I blocked off the kitchen to the family room!  I used this Metal Gate that adjusts to 72″ wide for the first opening, and the same gate for my other 60″ opening.

77″ Opening:

  • The Cons: This gate is only 71.3″ so I will add a 2×4 on each wall and paint it the color of my walls.
  • The Pros: It’s not ideal, but I wanted a gate that swings both ways, automatically shuts, and is attached to my walls. {not free standing}. Watch the video for this gate as it is awesome! You can quickly unattach it, fold it, or swing the entire thing over.

60″ Opening:

  • The Cons: This gate is a little too long for this space. Therefore it won’t be completely straight and it will protrude into my family room a little. 
  • The Pros: However, because you can see both gates at the same time I wanted them to look the same and have the same height. It will also create a little extra room when walking outside to the backyard.


The puppies also like to burrow under the couches in my family room. However, this makes me nervous since they are still potty training. They are also learning not to chew on things so allowing them to roam the kitchen and family room is too stressful.  Thus, gates are a must!


Next, I’ve decided to create their long term confinement area in our butlers pantry. It has appropriate natural lighting, safety, and can be seen from several places in the home. It’s right off the kitchen which has lots of space for them to play.

matte dog gate

I started with this Portico Arch Gate in Matte Bronze.  It is 31″ and goes from my Butler’s Pantry to my Formal Dining Room.

Decorative Dog Gates

puppy gate

From my Butler’s Pantry to my Kitchen I used this Expandable Steel Mesh Pet Gate

Adjustable Pet Gate

white gate

If you prefer a white gate, then check out this white adjustable gate.

  white puppy gate



This white pet gate for doorways also adjusts to 60″ wide.

adjustable pet gate

This retractable gate is another great option.  I could have {and probably should have} used this but I liked how the other one quickly un-attached and folded up OR it could be pulled to the side entirely. If I purchased the extension it can go as wide as I need it, 170″ and it also attaches together for a play yard.

I spent hours and hours looking for the best dog gates, baby gates, kennel gates, any kind of {safe} gate to keep my little furry friends and my house safe while they are learning their boundaries.  I hope these links have been helpful to you as they would have been to me!  {hugs}

You can see my gates and puppies in action here!  {{squealing}}


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