14 Clever Ways to Craft With Copper


How to make diy copper projects for diy home decor that are modern and creative.  These crafty copper pipe diy tutorials show you how to make DIY home decor and furniture.  Some of these piping projects include shelving, wall sconce, lamp, mirror, vase, side table, ladder and even a laptop table.  These tutorials show you just how easy and versatile copper pipes can be.

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We’ve taken away all the guess work on things to make with copper pipe with these incredible tutorials. For even more diy decorating ideas Tip Junkie’s Creative Community has over 2200 tutorials. You can always search there if you’’re looking for more tutorials with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

Copper Pipe Projects

Anthro Inspired Copper Shelves

1.  Anthro Inspired Copper Shelves ~ Check out these copper DIY shelves inspired by Anthropologie! Perfect for a family room or even office! A simple afternoon project after a quick trip to your local hardware store!

DIY Copper Bud Vase

2.  DIY Copper Bud Vase ~ Here is a clever way to create a lovely flower bud vase in a very easy and inexpensive way from a simple trip to the local hardware store! 

Copper Pipe Wall Sconce

3.  Copper Pipe Wall Sconce ~ DIY your own light fixture that’s wall mount using hardware store items.  This tutorial is tailor-made for us!

DIY 3 Tiered Copper Planter

4.  DIY 3 Tiered Copper Planter ~ This copper 3 tiered planter is a super chic way to decorate your home with plants! A relatively easy project to tackle thanks to this great tutorial. Perfect to display in your kitchen, office or really any room of your home!

Copper Pipe Side Table

5.  Copper Pipe Side Table ~ A stylish side table on a low budget.  A 1/2″ copper piping is used to make legs with a 12″ wide board table top.  

DIY Copper Pipe Ladder

6.  DIY Copper Pipe Ladder ~ This leaning Copper Pipe Ladder is perfect for storing and keeping blankets or towels tidy in a decorative way.  

DIY Magazine Rack

7.  DIY Magazine Rack ~ Organize your magazines with this DIY Magazine Rack.  It’s built with a durable copper pipe frame and recycled denim was used for the holder.

DIY Copper Laptop Table

8.  DIY Copper Laptop Table ~ A modern and decorative version to yesterday’s tv tray.  

Tripod Floor Lamp

9.  Tripod Floor Lamp ~ This tripod lamp is right on trend!  It’s made from a copper piping and a lamp kit!  

Copper Drawer Pulls

10.  Copper Drawer Pulls ~ Cute furniture hardware can get expensive. With this tutorial, learn how to customize copper piping to create beautiful drawer pulls.

Copper Wire Photo Display

11.  Copper Wire Photo Display ~ Check out this fun and beautiful way to display your favorite photos! Using a wooden frame, copper tubing, clothespins and mini clothes pins you can create a stylish photo display. Great because it will look lovely and you can switch out the photos so easily!

Copper Edge Mirror

12.  Copper Edge Mirror ~ This copper edge mirror is super stylish and will dress up any room in your home! Easy to make with this tutorial and is an inexpensive way to create a trendy home accessory!

DIY Copper Pencil Holder

13.  DIY Copper Pencil Holder ~ This DIY pencil holder is a clever way to store and display your pencils.  Great for an office or kids room.  Or even for things other than pencils…like pens or you can use bigger piping to holder makeup!

Copper Pipe DIY

copper tubing jewelry

14.  DIY Copper Tubing Jewelry ~ Copper tubing jewelry is the perfect blend of industrial and sparkle!  This tutorial shows you how make necklaces, rings and bracelets from copper and steel tubing. 

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  1. Hi, what a great round up and not just because you’ve included my magazine rack. I do like the handles on the chest of drawers, the copper looks very smart against the dark background. Thanks

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