55 Best DIY Lego Activities, Parties, and Decorations


Activities for children which are fun things to do with legos.  These lego tutorials include crafts, games, printables for kids, coloring pages , outdoor and indoor activities, as well as educational activities.  If you or your child loves legos, you are going to love all of these amazing ideas, and I guarantee you’ll be inspired to do something fun with legos.  {{wink}}

As always, the Tip Junkie Kids Craft site has hundreds of pictured tutorials with free patterns for Lego Birthday PartiesLego Crafts, and even Lego Bedrooms so you can always search there if you’re looking for more pictured tutorials. {wink} 55 Best DIY Lego Activities, Parties, and Decorations

How to Make Lego

Cool Stuff to Make for Kids

1.  DIY Lego Travel Box ~ This Lego travel box is perfect for trips to grandma and grandpa’s or traveling in the car.  It uses a recycled wooden box with a sliding lid to easily store the Lego pieces in.  A building plate was glued to the lid to stand the Lego pieces on.
Lego Table2.  Lego and Car Table ~ Using an IKEA side table, you can design a table using legos that will be a play area your child will undoubtedly play on every single day.  The table is great with legos and cars because multiple play can occur on it!

Games and Puzzles

3.  Ultimate Lego Table {Games and Puzzles} ~ This is not just any lego table it is the ultimate lego table for serious lego lovers! {wink} Made from a simple kids table, lego base plates and gorilla glue! Add a few storage accessories and you have a perfect table to let your kids go wild playing on and a place to store all the pieces once their done!

DIY Lego Tutorials

Kids Activities Using Craft Supplies

4.  LEGO Friendship Bracelets {Kids Crafts} ~ These LEGO friendship bracelets are a super fun craft idea for the LEGO enthusiast! Easy enough to make and will be fun to give out to their besties! All you need are LEGOS, embroidery thread and a drill to drill the holes!

Cool Things to Make

5.  Boy’s Lego Belt ~ It’s hard to make things for boys, but here is the perfect thing! This belt took 5 minutes to make and it goes perfect with almost everything!

Lego Necklace

6.  Lego Creations {necklace} ~ Lego’s aren’t just for playing with.  You can create jewelry and wear them.  If you don’t like the color of the lego simply spray paint it to your desired color.

DIY Lego Crayons

7.  Lego Crayons~ Making your own crayons is easier than you think.  It’s also a great project for using up broken crayons.  Let your children remove the paper from the crayons and place them into the silicone mold.  They can create solid colored crayons or mix the colors to create new ones.  Perfect for party favors!

DIY Lego Mini Figurines

8.  Salt Dough Lego Mini-Figurines~ Make your own Lego mini-figurines with salt dough and a silicone mold.  Then, let your child paint and design their own mini-figurine.  How fun is that?!  Wouldn’t they be fabulous as ornaments?

Lego Craft

9.  Lego Soap {Easy Craft} ~ Silicone ice cube trays made perfect molds for this easy craft because the soap just pops out of them and they come in lots of fun shapes. This craft is fun for children at home, or you can wrap a few pieces together to create a homemade project to sell at your next school or club craft fair.

Lego Organization

10.  How to Organize Lego Instruction Booklets ~ If you have kids, then you probably have Legos, which means that you also have Lego instruction books floating around your house getting bent, torn, and lost. Not anymore! Here’s an easy organization system to help get those Lego (or any other toy) instrucion booklets organized and protected.

How to Make Lego Decals

 Download the Free LEGO font

11.  Download the Free LEGO font ~ Click the link and the scroll down to #268 and then click the word “lego” to download the free font. {image from this Lego party}

Lego Printable

12.  Lego Decal {free printable} ~ Decorate your party with these free Lego block printables.  Print on cardstock to hang as Lego bricks or wrap around juice boxes.

Lego Candy and Food

Lego Candy and Food

13.  Amazing Lego Head Cake Tutorial {Kids Party Cake Ideas} ~ If you are throwing a lego party for your boy or girl this is a must see cake tutorial! Looks amazing and difficult to make, but with this great tutorial you’ll be able to replicate this fun lego head cake!!

Lego Pops

14.  Lego Cake Pops {Family Fun Craft} ~ Your kids might love building these lego cake pops as much as they love playing with the real thing.  These cute cake pops are easy to construct with just a few candies and are a fun after school treat and a great party favor for a Lego themed birthday party.

Lego Pops

15.  Lego Marshmallow Pops~ Create your own Lego cake pops using cake balls or marshmallows for a quicker version.  A food decorator pen was used to draw the adorable faces.

Lego Fruit Pops

16.  Lego Frozen Yogurt Fruit Pops~ A delicious and healthy snack your kids are sure to love!  Yogurt was used for the base of the pop and fresh blended fruit for the lego shapes.  It’s a great way to disguise and introduce new fruits.

Lego Universe

Bean Bag Toss Lego Party Game for Kids by Tip Junkie

16. Easy Lego Games or Fun Activities for Kids {Tip Junkie} ~ I can guarantee you’ll love these Lego games and activities that your kids will love to play! Games and activities include include Lego Skeeball, Lego Can Memory Game, Lego Bean Bag Toss, Lego Drop, Lego Tic Tac Toe, and more!

Lego Universe

17.  Blank Lego Minifigure {free printable} ~ Let party guests design their own Lego Minifigure by painting or coloring it.  Simply download and print.

Lego Universe Party Craft

18.  Lego Picture Frame ~ Hot glue Lego pieces to a wood frame and insert a Lego hero picture.  They make terrific party decorations or you can give them as party favors.

Lego Universe Faces

Photo Source

19.  Lego Minifigure Faces {free printable} ~ Aren’t these Lego Minifigure faces adorable?!  Download and print for party guests to wear. *Update: Blog link is no longer available. You might also like these free printable Lego masks from U Me and the Kids.

Lego Party Games and Birthday Ideas by TipJunkie

20. Lego Party Decorations {Tip Junkie} ~ You are going to love these Lego Party Decorations from Drake’s 7th Birthday Party! This post contains how to decorate for and make and play Lego games and activities include Lego banner, Lego Party Signs, Lego Printable Masks, Lego Circle Garland, Lego Skeeball, Lego Can Memory Game, Lego Bean Bag Toss, Lego Drop, Lego Tic Tac Toe, and more!

Lego Batman

Lego Batman

20.  Lego Batman Party {Kids Birthday Parties} ~ Lego + Batman doesn’t just make for a great video game, it is a fun birthday party theme for your little guy too.  This fun Lego Batman themed party from Laura has fun DIY decorations like baby food jar Lego Batman characters and homemade games like Melt Mr. Freeze.

Lego Mini Figure Party Boards

21.  Lego Mini Figure Party Boards ~ These boards are cracking me up and such a fun photo op for a party.

Lego Star Wars

Lego Star Wars

22.  Star Wars Legos Bingo {Kids Games} ~ Make a copy of this kids games for each guest at the party as an amazing parting gift!  Print out the “Star Wars Bingo Label” and glue it to the front of a colored accordian folder.

Lego Star Wars Printable

23.  Star Wars Graduation Party Printables {Free Graduation Printables} ~ I am pretty sure that Party Express doesn’t have any Star Wars themed graduation products.  But if your graduate is a Star Wars fan, you have no need to fear.  These free Star Wars graduation party printables have you covered and you can print them right at home.

Lego Star Wars

24.  Lego Anakin Cake ~ Make your own Lego Anakin cake for your Lego Star Wars party.  The base is 8 x 8 and stands 19″ tall.

Lego Star Wars

25.  Lego Star Wars Party ~ Make your little Jedi a card board snow speeder for their party.  It doubles as entertainment and fun photo ops.

Star Wars Lego

26.  DIY Lego Keyring ~ Keep your keys from getting lost with this fun Lego key ring.  You can make it using Lego part 3176 and a stormtrooper.

Lego Star Wars

27.  Lego Star Wars Clock ~ Make your own Lego Star Wars clock from clay, Lego’s, and paint.  You can use a lego piece to stamp the clay.

Lego Indiana Jones

Lego Indiana Jones

28.  Lego Indiana Jones Party ~ An amazing cake the birthday boy is sure to love!  It features the Stone Face on the bottom layer, the Cave entrance on the 2nd layer with THE stone rolling down the hill, and the Fertility idol on the top layer.

Indiana Jones Party

29.  Lego Indiana Jones Birthday Party {games} ~ Make a fun Nerf Dart game using pvc pipe and felt.

Lego Harry Potter

Lego Harry Potter

30.  Lego Harry Potter Coloring Page ~ A simple activity to keep kiddo’s busy.  Print the coloring page and let them color it.

LEGO Harry Potter Cake

31.  Lego Harry Potter Party ~ Check out this awesome Lego Harry Potter Party, with everything you need to throw one yourself including the invitations, cake and party games.

Lego Harry Potter

32.  Harry Potter Golden Snitch Cake Pops ~Whether you are hosting a Harry Potter party or just want to make a special dessert for an HP fan, these red velvet cake balls are the perfect dessert.  This fun edible decor looks like little golden snitches flying around your dessert table.

Lego Ninjago

Lego Ninjago Party

33.  Lego Ninjago Party ~ Here’s are some fabulous ideas for throwing a Lego Ninjago Party!  Laura created almost all of the elements of the party herself. She created water bottle labels, customized treat bags that included a ninja lollipop, and a fondant cake.  See what she did to get ideas for your own party!

Lego Ninjago

34.  Lego Ninjago Cake Tutorial ~ Your child will think you’re the coolest mom when you make them this Ninjago birthday cake.  Follow this great tutorial to make it yourself!

Lego Ninjago

35.  Printable Ninja Cupcake Wrappers ~ Print out these adorable ninja cupcake wrappers, including a little ninja face you can use as a cupcake topper.  Great for a karate class treat or a themed birthday party.

Lego Ninjago

36.  Lego Ninjago Costume {diy} ~ This Ninjago costume is perfect for play time dress up or as a Halloween costume.  It’s made with cardboard, black cotton, staple gun and spray adhesive.

Lego Mindstorm

Lego Mindstorm Costume

37.  Lego Robot Costume ~ This adorable robot costume is made from mostly foam and card board.   Download the free instructions to make your own.

Robot and rockets Birthday party

38.  Robot and rockets Birthday party ~ Most of the decor is actually items we’ve been collecting for months that will become part of his Robot Big Boy Room. {love that!}

Free Printables

Lego Printables

39.  Lego Matching Game Printable {Memory Games} ~ Need an easy way to keep your kids occupied for a little while? This post features a lego printable memory game great for a lego themed party or just as an afternoon activity. All you have to do is download, print and cut out! Easy-peasy!

Free Printable Lego Party Favors & Decor

40.  Free Printable Lego Party Favors & Decor ~ Free printable invitations, coloring pages, lego bunting, as well as thank you toppers.

Lego Printable

41.  Free Printable Easter Lego Bookmark {Printable Bookmark} ~ This cute little Lego Easter bunny bookmark will make a fun addition to your little guys Easter basket.

Lego Printables

42.  Lego Storage Labels {organize} ~ These free Lego Storage Labels make organizing a snap.  They fit perfectly on storage drawers.  Print the file in ms word or pdf.

Lego Party Ideas

Lego Party Ideas

43.  DIY Lego Party Ideas {Coolest Birthday} ~ If you are looking for some fun DIY party ideas for a Lego themed party, this fun Lego party from Zakka Life is full of great inspiration.  Included in the post is a template for a homemade Lego head invitation, fun homemade gift bags, and a great Lego birthday cake.

Lego Party Ideas

44.  Modern Lego Party {dessert table} ~ The focal point of this amazing Lego dessert table is the framed Lego name poster.  Capri Sun boxes were wrapped to create Lego bricks and clear plumbing tubing was using to insert Lego for a fun and easy garland.

Lego Party Ideas

45.  Lego Party Ideas & Printables ~ Find DIY ideas and free printables for party games, invitations, craft, favors, and food for a fun and colorful kids’ LEGO Birthday party your little LEGO-lover will love!

Lego Party Ideas

46.  DIY Ultimate Lego Party ~ How to host your own DIY ultimate Lego birthday party with pictured instructions.  Do everything yourself, from the decorations to favors to desserts for a fabulous Lego-themed party!  Check out the mini-figure crayons and chocolates, the Lego Brick cookies, the party games, and so much more!

Lego Party Ideas

47.  Lego Party {Boy or Girl Lego Party Idea} ~ Lego’s aren’t just for boys, and this adorable party proves it! She calls this post details details, and she has thought of the cutest details from the name in Lego’s to the fondant covered brownies in the shape of a lego!

Lego DIY Decorations

How to make homemade toys with pictured patterns and DIY ideas.

DIY Lego Bean Bags48.  Lego Bean Bags ~ There are so many fun games to play with bean bags such as hot potato or bean bag toss.  This Lego inspired bean bag is made from felt and filled with rice or dried beans.

DIY Lego Decorations

49.  DIY Lego Lamp {Ikea Hack} ~ Transform a plain Ikea lamp into this fun and unique Lego lamp.  Four supplies is all you need, Lego’s, lamp, hot glue gun and E-6000 glue.

How to Make Lego

50.  Personalized Lego Tray {Homemade Toys} ~ If you have or know of a Lego lover then this tray is perfection! With this tutorial you’ll learn how to create this tray from scratch. Such a clever idea, makes a great gift!

Lego Hand Soap

51.  Lego Soap ~ Add lego’s to a bottle of hand soap or anti-bacterial soap for a fun surprise.  The kiddo’s will be more likely to wash their hands.  {wink}

Bedroom Ideas

Bedroom Ideas

52.  9 Ways To Make a Bedroom Lego Themed ~ Do you have a LEGO addict in your home and wondering how to make a bedroomLego themed?  Here are 9 ways to make a bedroom Lego themed.

Star Wars Bedroom Room Ideas

53.  Star Wars Room {7 Creative Ideas} ~ A while back my middle son decided he wanted to have a boy Star Wars room so I searched for wall decor ideas and inspiration. I didn’t find a lot of ideas, but what I found was incredible.

Lego Boys Room

54.  18 Awesome Boys Lego Room Ideas ~ You will be blown away by these 18 awesome boys bedroom Lego pictures!  These Lego room ideas incorporate Star Wars, cool colors, mural ideas, and even Lego storage solutions.  They are a Lego creator’s dream room.  Many of these elements can easily be incorporated into a play room.

DIY Lego Wall

55.  Lego Wall {diy} ~ These large square plates are prefect for lining the walls, an interactive bed frame, table, or any furniture for a fun boys room.

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