12 Easy Lego Games or Fun Activities for Kids!


How to play Easy Lego Games or Activities for kids for a party or in a group has never been so much fun! You are going to love these step-by-step Lego game tutorials that will make your Lego party super memorable. The ideas are fantastic, easy to implement and will keep your guests busy!

How to make and play Lego games and activities include Lego Skeeball, Lego Can Memory Game, Lego Bean Bag Toss, Lego Drop, Lego Tic Tac Toe, and more!

Easy Lego Games or Fun Activities

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Easy Lego Games or Activities

1. Create Your Own Lego {Tip Junkie} ~This Build Lego Minifigures Game is my Lego spin-off of the ‘pin the tail on the donkey’or ‘pin the head on the Lego’ games.

2. Lego Can Memory Game {Tip Junkie} ~Play this easy Lego memory game at any birthday party or just for fun! Simply print 2 copies of each Lego Character memory circles, cut out, and place inside the can.  Yep, It’s that easy!

3. Lego Toss {skeeball} {Tip Junkie} ~ Here’s how to make a homemade skee ball game for easy and fun Lego games for any carnival or party for kids.

4. Lego Bean Bag Toss Game {Tip Junkie} ~This Lego Movie bean bag toss activity for kids includes three Lego Movie characters, Emmett, Bad Cop, and Benny. So fun to play!
Lego Games

Lego Games

5. I Spy the Lego Guy {Tip Junkie} ~Find 5 hidden yellow paper Lego men. The first to find all five wins!

6. Lego Drop {Tip Junkie} ~ Play this fun Lego Drop game at a Lego Birthday party or just for fun with friends or family.  It’s so easy!

7. Tic Tac Toe {Tip Junkie} ~ Use your Lego’s to make a fun Tic Tac Toe board that guests can use to play the popular game!

8. Loose The Lego {Tip Junkie} ~ Here’s my version of Minute To Win It Junk in the Trunk game. As you can see, this kids party game is so entertaining!

Lego Party Activities
Lego Party Activities

9. Lego Tongue Tower {Tip Junkie} ~ Grab a bunch of Legos and a craft stick and you’re ready to play this easy game!

10. Draw Your Own Lego Mini Figures {Tip Junkie} ~Draw your own Lego minifigures is a quick and easy Lego game that’s perfect for party games for kids, play group, boredom buster, or just for fun.

11. Lego Man Yellow Face Baby Jars {Tip Junkie} ~ Use these yellow face baby jars to hold crayons for the Lego games, hold party game signs, and Lego party decorations all around the party!

12. Yellow Tub DIY Lego Man {Tip Junkie} ~ These yellow tub DIY Lego Men make great decorations and DIY games. Use your imagination for the best activity!

12 Easy Lego Games or Fun Activities for Kids!

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