Lego Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet {planner & freebies}


Lego Blue and Gold Banquet just got a whole lot easier with this theme. Here is a planner and freebies that will make your son’s Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet AMAZING. Since we don’t know a boy that doesn’t love LEGO’s, this idea for integrating LEGO’S into the Cub Scout Banquet and making it the theme is so fun! If LEGO’s isn’t your thing, and Minion’s are, here are ideas for hosting a Minion’s Cub Scouting Blue and Gold Banquet as well as Blue and Gold Banquet Party Games {with free printables}.

Lego Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet

I’m keeping things simple this year and converting Drake’s Lego Birthday Party into this years Blue and Gold Banquet for the Cub Scouts.  Only YOU will know that this years event will be easier than it looks thanks to re-purposing the games and decorations. Whoohoo!!  {{high fives}}

Lego Blue and Gold Banquet Planner on Tip Junkie

EHprint  Free File Here:
Lego Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet Planner (1130 downloads)

Planning, organizing, and executing a Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet for the first time can be overwhelming.  So here’s my Blue and Gold Banquet Planner that I’m using this year in a fun Lego theme!  Print it out for free above.

It’s a quick guide to take to your Cub Scout Committee meeting with an outline on how to decide how many tables you’ll need, food, games, and decorations all in one place.

What is a Blue and Gold Banquet?

The Blue and Gold Banquet is a celebration of the Anniversary of Scouting! It’s usually treated as a “Birthday Party” with games, food, activities, and fun.

Blue and Gold Banquet Planning:

There are many things you’ll need to plan and prepare for a Blue and Gold Banquet.  To keep things simple in a nutshell they are…

  • Invitations
  • Food
  • Decorations
  • Games
  • Set Up / Clean Up

Tips:  Here are a few of my suggestions right out of the gate for those of you who are in charge of the entire banquet.

Games are optional.  I like to prepare games for the kids because it makes the banquet feel more like a birthday party ~ which it is!  For me, a party isn’t a success without a minute to win it game or two.

Delegate.  As you’re assigning who will do what on your list, don’t forget to assign things that aren’t on there:

  • Set up for tables and chairs
  • Set up for decorations
  • Clean up for tables and chairs
  • Clean up for decor

I would suggest that you book your building for the Blue and Gold Banquet as far ahead of time as possible.  Our system allows us to book it a year in advance.  When doing so, be sure to book the night before for table and chair set up as well as the morning before for decorations.  This will give you 24 hours to properly prepare for your banquet.  This way as life happens and tends to create chaos the people around you can do their assignments in plenty of time.

Lego Party Table Decorations Tip Junkie

Blue and Gold Guests:

When you’re calculating the number of people who might attend your Blue and Gold Banquet, be sure count the Den Leaders as well as their family members.

Families: {den leader families included}

  • Adults: 43
  • Children: 50
  • Total: 93

For the invitation, I would suggest keeping things easy and use Evite which is free and will not only collect the RSVP’s but also send an email reminding everyone of the Blue and Gold Banquet a few days before. It’s all automated and takes the pressure off you to remind everyone. {wink}  Of course, you can also do a fun paper Lego Invitation but what’s most important is to find a way to get an RSVP number so you know how much food to prepare.  Especially if you have a tight budget.


  • 8 per table = 12 tables
  • 10 per table = 10 tables
  • Therefore, we decided on 9 tables, 10 people per table.

We host the Blue and Gold Banquet for the Cub Scouts at our Church in the gym.  Therefore, we use large round tables.  So once you’ve estimated the number of guests, next decide how many tables you’ll need to decorate.

Lego Party Food Table Decorations on Tip Junkie

Plan the Food:

Sadly, I’m a terrible cook so I will not give you any bad advice on the food. {Sorry Charlie}  I will say there are TONS of great Lego themed food you can serve which are kid friendly.  I would strongly suggest that you keep it simple and yummy to eat.  We’re talking kid food!  Finger foods are great.  Nothing that will stain.  Nothing with a lot of dips or drippy foods.  That just causes more issues that you’ll want to avoid.  {{stepping off soap box}}

  • Dinner
  • Drink, Ice, Dispenser
  • Dessert ~ Birthday Cake
  • Paper goods, table cloths

Don’t forget the ICE!  {giggle} I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been to a church function where the ice has been forgotten.

Lego Face Minifigures Decorations on TipJunkie

DIY Decorations:

  • Centerpieces for Tables
  • Food Table
  • Free Lego Font Alphabet {Lego block game sign alphabet}
  • Optional Lego Banner  {I created this lego font banner for another event but it would work great here, too! The post includes a free download for the template as well as instructions for assembling the banner.}

Lego Font Banner Tip Junkie

For the Blue and Gold banquet, I’m not planning on any extra decorations as the games will double as decor.  {giddy}  Therefore, I’m doing the Lego Brick games signs in the same format as the DRAKE Lego Sign {pictured below under “Lego Fonts”} using the Free Lego Font Alphabet on the walls of the gym.  This will bring in a pop of color.  The helium balloons will also help to make it extra festive.  I still have the Lego Faces I made out of baby bottles <<add link>> and I’ll pop in the Lego Game Signs that I made into those.

Therefore all the decorations I’m doing are the food table, centerpieces, games, and game wall signs.  That’s it.

Lego Game Skee Ball Toss Arcade Game on Tip Junkie

Lego Games for Kids:

As I mentioned earlier, I’m re-using Drake’s Lego Birthday Party games for the Blue and Gold Banquet Lego Games.  So here’s a quick rundown of the game plan.

  1.  Create Your Own Lego 
  2.  Lego Can Memory
  3.  Lego Toss or Skeeball
  4.  Bean Bag Toss
  5.  I Spy the Lego Guy
  6.  Lego Drop
  7.  Tic Tac Toe
  8.  Tongue Tower

Click on the links above for more details, instructions how to make, how to play, and adorable pictures of my little guy. {{snicker}}

Games are completely optional for a Blue and Gold banquet.  I find that they keep the little kids entertained and everyone is more relaxed and able to enjoy the evening.

Lego Games Free Printable Signs on Tip Junkie

Free Lego Printables:

On the free download PDF file, I’ve included several links where you can go to for more information and additional free printables.

Lego Font Banner Template on TipJunkie

Lego Fonts:

If you’re wanting some Lego Fonts so you can make extra games, decorations, or embellishments on your own here are some resources.

Blue and Gold Party Games

Decorate a Church Gym Ideas:

I’ve decorated a boring Church Gym many, many times.  I keep looking back at the ideas to spark new inspiration as well as to remind me of what I did like {and what I didn’t}.  Which made me think you might like these resources too.

I hope this Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet planner has helped made your even super simple and amazing!  I truly feel that if you have valuable information that will help save others time and money, you should share it. So here you go!  {knuckle bumps}

Lego Cub Scout Blue and Gold Banquet {planner & freebies}

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