Blue and Gold Banquet Party Games {free printables}


Minions live to serve, and Cub Scouts do too, so what better way to celebrate the Anniversary of Scouting than with a Minions themed Blue and Gold Banquet? The Blue and Gold Banquet is a highlight for Cub packs across the nation as they come together with their families for an evening of fun and cheer! Since it’s a celebration of the Anniversary of Scouting, it’s usually treated as a “Birthday Party” with games, food, activities, and fun. Here’s an excellent way to plan games and activities in a Blue and Gold Minions theme! I’ve even included free Minions printables to help you plan and entertain the whole evening. This Cub Scouting Blue and Gold Banquet is one that your Cub will NEVER forget!

Looking for a Blue and Gold party and DIY Decorations?  Then check out my other post on Blue and Gold Banquet decorations for the Cub Scouts.  Just like this one, it comes with free printables, creative ideas, and ways to transform a boring gym into a fabulous party space.

Blue and Gold Party Games

Blue and Gold Games

Since the theme of our Blue and Gold banquet was Despicable Me’s Minions I created several “Minion to Win It” game stations on both sides of the gym for all to enjoy.  My goal was to not only entertain the Cub Scouts but their entire families of all ages with fun party games.

Cub Scout Blue and Gold in Church Gym{Right Side:  photo booth, Stacking, Pin Games}

Cub Scout Blue and Gold Games in Church Gym

{Left Side:  bean bag toss, make a minion games}

Fun at the Table:

As a gathering game activity as guests arrived, I had a couple free printable games at the table.  This way if we weren’t quite ready to start the program people wouldn’t grow restless and would have something to entertain them.

Blue and Gold Banquet Party Game Ideas

EHprint Free Printable File:
Blue and Gold Banquet Party Games (453 downloads)

Party Game Planner

Click the link above to download the Blue and Gold Banquet Party Game planner.  I’ve listed the game ideas along with the original links to the creative women who first created them.

While planning the Blue and Gold Banquet, I needed a go-to source with all my ideas to quickly reference.   Which is why I created this quick planner.  I hope it will be useful for you too!  {high fives}

Minute to Win It Party Games

Minion Crafts and Party Games

Our Blue and Gold banquet was a blast!  I hope this helps to save you time and host a fabulous party for your Cub Scouts and their families. Feel free to upload your Blue and Gold banquet ideas onto the Tip Junkie Facebook page.  We’re looking for a different party theme for this year!

Blue and Gold Banquet Party Games {free printables}


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blue and gold games
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