24 Cub Scout Pinewood Car Ideas


Here are 24 of the best Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Cars to make, and even how to make a car display case! These templates and design ideas are seriously over-the-top but you can tone them down according to your budget.

How to make pinewood derby cars include a pinewood derby batman car, bacon car, indy racer, airplane, minion, r2d2, dragon, eagle, and more!

Pinewood Derby Cars

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Pinewood Derby Cars

1. Batman Pinewood Derby Car {Tip Junkie} ~ Our Batman car we made for our Pinewood Derby.

2. Formula One Pinewood Derby Car {Instructables} ~ Inspired by the F1 racer this Formula One derby car was made from a derby kit.

3. Airplane Pinewood Derby Car {Boys’ Life} ~ Not a tutorial, but it gives an idea of how to make a World War airplane.

4. R2D2 Pinewood Derby Car {The Mac & Cheese Chronicles} ~ The block of wood was rounded to form the shape of the top of R2 then painted white and taped off to paint the details of r2d2.

5. Minion Pinewood Derby Car {Treasuring Life’s Blessings} ~ A little sanding and paint and you can transform your derby kit into a cool minion car.

6. Dragon Pinewood Derby Car {Derby Talk} ~ Inspired by How to Train a Dragon, this fun Toothless derby car features moveable wings.

Pinewood Derby Templates

Pinewood Derby Templates

7. Angry Birds and Super Mario Brothers {Busy Kids Happy Mom} ~ A Mario toy was used and a button for the steering wheel for the Super Mario car.  A party favor eraser was used to make the Angry Birds car.

8. Bacon Pinewood Derby Car {Better When Built} ~ Carved out grooves were key in making this bacon pinewood derby car.  Use the free template to make your own.

9. Minecraft Pinewood Derby Car {Constantly Crafting} ~ The perfect derby car for the Minecraft lover.  After the design was sketched onto the body of the car it was ready to paint.

10.  How to Make Your Pinewood Derby Car FAST {Sugar Bee Crafts} ~ Weight, friction and even the axle location can make your child’s car faster.  Sugar Bee Crafts gives you some amazing tips and tricks to make your car the fastest!

11. Eagle Pinewood Derby Car {Herman’s Humble Happenings} ~ Built for speed, this cool Eagle Pinewood Derby Car won first place.

12.  Fish Pinewood Derby Car {Striper’s 247} ~ Transform your derby car kit into a fish. How cool is the fin?!

Pinewood Derby Designs

Pinewood Derby Designs

13. Pinewood Derby Design {All Things Thrifty} ~ A silhouette die cut machine was used to add the finishing touches on the car.

14. Piano Pinewood Derby Car {Caleb the Piano Player} ~ Carved, sanded and painted to look like a piano.

15.  Pinewood Derby Speed Tip {Pinewood World} ~ Maximize your child’s derby car potential with this speed tip.  When the weight is located in the rear of the car it will dramatically improve its performance.

16.  Blinged Out Car {Inky Smiles} ~ Pink, a tiara and full of rhinestones, what could be more appropriate for the girly girly?!

17. Watermelon Pinewood Derby Car  {My Creative Life} ~ A wedge-shaped car is painted to look like a slice of watermelon.

18. Iron Man Pinewood Derby Car {Hurst Family} ~ How cool is this Iron Man Pinewood Derby Car? It was so cool it won 1st place.

Derby Kit

Derby Kit

19. Military Racer Car Kit {Amazon} ~ All of the supplies necessary to build a military racer car for a Pinewood Derby.

20. Derby Funny Car Kit {Amazon} ~ All of the supplies necessary to build a derby funny car for a Pinewood Derby.

21. Hot Rod Race Car {Amazon} ~ All of the supplies necessary to build a hot rod race car for a Pinewood Derby.

Pinewood Derby Car Display Case

Pinewood Derby Car Display Case

22. Pinewood Derby Car Display {Mom’s Gonna Snap} ~ Make a car display to hold several years worth of pinewood derby cars.

23. Pinewood Derby 5 Car Display {Etsy} ~ A handmade shelf that will hold and display 5 Pinewood Derby cars.

24. Derby Car Display {Etsy} ~ A great way to hang and display Pinewood Derby cars.

24 Cub Scout Pinewood Car Ideas

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