10 Best Pegboard Organization Ideas


Looking for some cheap yet effective organizing solutions? Well, here’s your solution peg board! Here are 10 pegboard organization ideas to organize it with pegboard including solutions for kitchen storage, craft supplies, diaper station, garage storage, wrapping station, and even laundry room storage.

These are creative and beautiful ways to use pegboards to organize your life! I’ve got you hooked up with pegboard storage tricks for every room and space in your house.

We’ve taken away all the guesswork on how to organize with these incredible tutorials.

Pegboard Organization

craft room organization

1. Craft Room Organization ~ Organize your craft room supplies in a beautiful way using pegboard. All of your supplies will be at arms length for easy access.

How to Build Your Own Pegboard Organizer

2. How to Build Your Own Pegboard Organizer ~ This bulletin board has some fabulous ideas. Â You can mount pegboard for posting notes, hanging supply cups and bins, and shelving.

framed peg board tutorial

3. Framed Peg Board Tutorial ~ Do you need an organizational system to store all your thread, paints and other supplies? If so, check out this way to not only store and organize your supplies, but do it in a cute way! Using this step by step tutorial youÂ’ll be able to create a holder that suits your style and needs perfectly!


4.  Gift Wrap Organization ~ Creating an efficient workstation for wrapping presents should be #1 on everyone’s organization list! {wink} Seriously!

How many times have you dashed around frantically trying to find the scissors, tape and wrap and then a clean surface to wrap it on? It’s so nice to have a wrap station that houses everything you need to wrap – year round!

organized drop space

5. Organized Drop Space ~ Try adding some pegboard to the inside of a cabinet door for hidden key storage.

pegboard diaper changing station

6. Pegboard Diaper Changing Station ~ Painted pegboard is not only functional, but stylish.  It makes a great backdrop to display and rearrange things on the wall.  This was used for a nursery, but you could use it for a big boys room and hang school supplies, sports equipment, etc.

Pegboard Storage

pegboard kitchen storage

7. Pegboard Kitchen Storage ~ Lacking cabinet space in the kitchen? Pegboard is a great alternative. You can hang pots & pans, measuring tools and even add little baskets for other small items.

Peg Board Storage Room

8. Peg Board Storage Room ~ Why not transform your spare room or mud room into a pegboard room and organize it into beautiful space. The organizational possibilities are limitless!

9.  Garage Pegboard Organization ~ Why not transform your garage or “spare” room into a pegboard room and organize it into “zones” for sports equipment? The organizational possibilities are limitless!

Laundry Room Storage

10. Laundry Room Storage ~ Check out this stylish way to store all your cleaning supplies! You’ll use a peg board and some paint to create this storage system that is perfect for a laundry room! Inexpensive to create with results you will want to show off!

More Organizing Ideas:

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