3 Nesting Fabric Bins {free sewing pattern}

These fabulous fabric bins are an easy sewing project by Christina McKinney. If you can do straight sewing, you can make these fabric storage bins. I really like the square bottom construction to maximize space. The fabric featured in the photograph is called Fort Firefly and is by Teagan White for Birch Fabrics. This fabric is

10 Best Pegboard Organization Ideas

Looking for some cheap yet effective organizing solutions? Well, here’s your solution peg board! Here are 10 pegboard organization ideas to organize it with pegboard including solutions for kitchen storage, craft supplies, diaper station, garage storage, wrapping station, and even laundry room storage. These are creative and beautiful ways to use pegboards to organize your life! I’ve got

Poofy Cheeks Craft Room – DIY

My dining room wasn’t being used so I decided to transform it into my dream room – a craft room. I had my dad build me a sawhorse craft desk and then things started coming together from there.

Craft Room Storage Shelves

I needed space to store boxes, wrapping paper and ribbons. Using cheap snap-together wire grids, a ton of floral wire and many hours of weaving, I came up with a unique and functional storage solution.

DIY Easy Shoe Storage Solution!

Simple to make shoe shelf that will make keeping the shoes up off the floor much easier. Great storage solution for little kids, too. Just grab a bookshelf that isn’t being used, some cute baskets, and whip together this easy solution!

How To Make Hanging Mason Jar Shelves

Make a simple shelf with glass jars hanging under the shelf. Saves space and looks very cute. These shelves can be used anywhere in the house – kitchen, bathroom, office, garage … If you already have a premade shelf all you need to do is screw on the jars under the shelf. Visit: http://hildablue.com/2012/04/10/mason-jar-shelf-transparent-labels/

Chalkboard Tags

These Chalkboard Tags are great for organizing and labeling items in your craft room or home! They are made from small wooden tags and painted with Chalkboard paint. I used a Crayola Twistable to write on the tag for a more durable and longer lasting design!

Decorative Tie Storage

How does your man store his ties? Are they just hidden away on a rack in the closet? Bring those bad boys out, grab a vintage coke crate and get to decorating with them!

DIY chalkboard label mason jars

I made these DIY chalkboard label mason jars after finding these lovely chalkboard labels at staples the other day. I am a sucker for painted mason jars, so I love how these turned out! You can see the full post here: http://www.lizmarieblog.com/2012/11/diy-chalkboard-label-mason-jars/ Find me on facebook so we can chat 🙂 http://www.facebook.com/lizmarieblog

How To Pack Seasonal Clothing {5 steps}

Hi!  I’m Laurie with TipJunkie.com with another easy upgrade from Downy. Today’s upgrade is how to pack your seasonal clothing. Whether you live in a place where you get to enjoy all 4 seasons or just a few like I do, these 4 storage tips will help you protect your seasonal wardrobe and give you

Monthly Food Storage Schedule

This is a detailed listing of food storage and 72 hour kit items broken down by month.  This schedule should make it a little easier to purchase, rotate, and schedule your food storage and 72 hour kit. Print Free File: January “Let every head of household see to it that he has on hand enough