35 Best Super Bowl Snack Recipes


How to make super bowl snack recipes that your football fan will love. These recipes include super bowl dips, appetizers, low fat recipes, snacks, wings, desserts, and party foods.  You and your sports fans are going to adore these recipes!

Best Super Bowl Snack Recipes

Tip Junkie has 15 Football Party Ideas all with pictured tutorials for more Ideas on how to display all your fun Super Bowl Food.  You can always search there if you’re looking for Football Party Ideas, or search through the 15 Super Bowl ideas and patterns on the site with step-by-step instructions. {wink} 

Super Bowl Recipes

Super Bowls 1.  Super Bowls ~ If you are throwing a Super Bowl Party this year, these Individual 7-layer dips bowls made with a tortilla shell are sure to be a hit.  The best part is that they are simple to make! Sirloin Sliders with Bacon and Horseradish Mayo 2.  Sirloin Sliders with Bacon and Horseradish Mayo ~ These sliders may be little, but they’ll definitely get your guests attention.  The sirloin, bacon and horseradish flavors all blend together to make a burger that’s downright unforgettable.Saucy Asian Meatballs3.  Saucy Asian Meatballs ~ I love that these meatballs are different than more traditional Swedish or Italian meatballs.  Plus, they are easy, quick, and they look like they are bursting with incredible flavor!

Super Bowl Dips Recipes

Cheesy Chorizo Caramelized Onion Dip4. Cheesy Chorizo Caramelized Onion Dip ~ I’m not sure how this dip wouldn’t be the hit of any Super Bowl Party.  It’s got cheese, it’s got sausage and it’s got caramelized onions.  {{yummy}} Loaded Baked Potato Dip5.  Loaded Baked Potato Dip ~  This recipe not only looks amazing, it takes only  minutes to make, and it can be made a day ahead of time. Plus, it includes all the Superbowl party food must haves including potato chips, cheese, bacon and sour cream. {wink}

French Onion Dip

6.  French Onion Dip ~ No seasoning packets were used to make this delicious French Onion Dip.  It’s made from scratch.  {knuckle bumps}  

Artichoke & Roasted Garlic Dip

7.  Artichoke & Roasted Garlic Dip ~ Artichoke and Roasted Garlic Dip is the perfect Cheesy addition to a holiday feast. It is ooey-gooey cheesy and bursting with amazing garlic flavor. Super quick and easy to make.

Super Bowl Appetizer Recipes

Cream Cheese Stuffed, Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeños 8.  Cream Cheese Stuffed, Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeños ~ Easy to prepare, easy to scale, and the perfect savory snack, these appetizers are sure to be gone in the blink of an eye. {{wink}}

Sweet & Spicy Sriracha Bacon Chicken Bites

9.  Sweet & Spicy Sriracha Bacon Chicken Bites ~ These delicious bacon chicken bites would be perfect appetizers for Superbowl Sunday, an afternoon bookclub or even Sunday brunch.  Brown sugar provides the sweet and Sriracha provides the spicy.  

Mini BLT Sandwiches10.  Mini BLT Sandwiches ~ Even though it’s hard to imagine bacon tasting any better than it already does, everything tastes a little better when it’s tiny, right?  These mini BLT sandwiches are delightful to the eye and the taste buds.Buffalo Chicken Cups 11.  Buffalo Chicken Cups ~ Whether you are entertaining a houseful of sports fans, or your lady friends for game night, this appetizer is sure to impress.  Filled with chicken and lots of yummy flavor, you could even serve these as a light lunch.

Pizza Nachos

12.  Pizza Nachos ~ Here’s a pizza nacho recipe that uses a baguette for the crust and looks pretty healthy and delicious.   

Vegan Super Bowl Recipes

Ginger Lime Edamame Sweet Potato Burgers 13.  Ginger Lime Edamame Sweet Potato Burgers ~ These burgers are both Vegan, Gluten Free and healthy.  Your guests will thank  you for thinking of their hearts! Hummus and Cucumber Appetizer Bites with Sesame Seeds 14.  Hummus and Cucumber Appetizer Bites with Sesame Seeds ~  You can’t go wrong with hummus, and this recipe is easy and fun to make and serve!  It’s great for those that are on a diet as well as Vegans.

Vegan Crispy Potato Pizza

15.  Vegan Crispy Potato Pizza ~ The potatoes on this pizza make it a little heartier than usual.  Make sure you have a mandolin to slice them though or your slices will surely be too thick!

Super Bowl Recipes Healthy

Pumpkin Chili with Grilled Cheese Footballs 16.  Pumpkin Chili with Grilled Cheese Footballs ~ Wanna serve some fare that’s a little more hearty and healthy than most appetizers at your super bowl party?  Try this pumpkin chili with grilled cheese footballs. Best Bruschetta Recipe 17.  Best Bruschetta Recipe ~ This wins the prize for lovely looking bruschetta.  The key to this recipe is perfectly ripe tomatoes and extra virgin olive oil. Big Game Pulled Pork Quesadillas18.  Big Game Pulled Pork Quesadillas ~ These are a must serve/bring to your Super Bowl party because they are colorful and easy to assemble.  Plus they just sound delicious.

Low Fat Super Bowl Recipes

Skinny Buffalo Chicken potato Skins

19.  Skinny Buffalo Chicken potato Skins ~ Who would have thought it would be possible to make potato skins low fat?  Well, SkinnyTaste did, and these Buffalo Chicken Potato Skins are an appetizer your guests will thank you for serving!

Petite Lasagnas

20.  Petite Lasagnas ~ These petite lasagnas are healthy, {read: low fat} make a lovely presentation, and are sure to be a crowd pleaser!

Super Bowl Snack Recipes

Parmessan Cheese Mac 'N Cheese Crostini

21.  Parmesan Mac ‘N Cheese Crostini ~ All ages will enjoy this homemade appetizer.  Homemade macaroni and cheese on a toasted baguette.  Yumm-o!

Pizza Nachos 22.  Pizza Nachos ~ This recipe combines two Super Bowl Food staples into one:  pizza and nachos.  How could it be anything less than a huge score? Buffalo Chicken Bites 23.  Buffalo Chicken Bites ~ This is the perfect recipe for those that love Buffalo Chicken wings, but hate the mess all over your fingers and face.  These bite sized pieces are much easier to eat but still have tons of flavor!

Crock Pot Super Bowl Recipes

 Superbowl Crockpot Queso Dip 24.  Superbowl Crockpot Queso Dip ~ This cheesy favorite is a staple at most Superbowl parties.  If you want to make the best of the bunch, try this recipe.  It uses the crockpot which is always a touchdown with me.  {wink}

Super Bowl Chicken Wings

Cola Glazed Chicken Wings 25.  Cola Glazed Chicken Wings ~ What’s not to love about anything glazed in Cola?  {wink}  These baked wings look fabulous! Slow Cooker Sticky Wings26.  Slow Cooker Sticky Wings ~ This recipe is great if you don’t want to fry your wings or you want to make them ahead of time.  The recipe is also a sweeter wing for those that don’t like spicy chicken.

Super Bowl Wings Recipes

Asian Chicken Wings

27.  Asian Chicken Wings ~ These babies are marinated in lime, ginger and soy sauce which gives them a wonderful citrus flavor with just a hint of spice from the chili oil.  One of the other great things about the recipe is easy to double or triple and it can be made ahead and heated up at game time!

Honey Chipotle Wings

28.  Honey Chipotle Wings ~ Not only do these wings look amazing, they transform from sweet to packing heat.  {{score}}

Super Bowl Dessert Recipes

Homemade Football Oreos29.  Homemade Football Oreos ~ These homemade football oreos are cute and delicious and the best part is…{{drum roll}}  You don’t need any special cookie cutters or pans to create this festive Superbowl treat. Nacho Cupcakes 30.  Nacho Cupcakes ~ While they may look savory, these Nacho Cupcakes are really a sweet treat.  Topped with frosting and cinnamon sugar chips, they would be a perfect dessert for a Super Bowl party! Football Shaped Whoopie Pies 31.  Football Shaped Whoopie Pies ~ These little football whoopie pies are a must for your upcoming superbowl party.  They kids can help you pipe on the icing laces and everyone will want to “pass” them around. {cheesy laugh}

Super Bowl Party Recipes

Mini Snickers Football Field

32.  Mini Snickers Football Field ~This cake is great edible decor for any football or tailgate party. Serve this to your high school kids before the homecoming came, or go all our for you next superbowl party. And here’s a secret {shhhh}, there’s no baking involved! Super Bowl Party Cupcakes 33.  Super Bowl Party Cupcakes ~ Give your team the home field advantage with these fun football-themed cupcakes.  Watch the video tutorial to see how to decorate these fun cupcakes.Peanut Butter Football Dip34.  Peanut Butter Football Dip ~ This sweet dip looks delicious.  It’s like a cheeseball, only without cheese.  Just think peanut butter and chocolate chips with pretzels to dip in it and you get the picture.  Yummy.

Waffle Nutella Football Snacks

35.  Waffle Nutella Football Snacks ~ These easy and delicious waffle nutella football snacks are sure to bring a smile, to kids and adults alike. They’re fun for an after school snack, football party or even tailgate party.


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