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13 Ways to Organize with Binder Clips


You’ll be surprised by what you can do with binder clips! What was once thought of as an office supply is now used in so many clever ways or organize your home. Grab your binder clips because I guarantee you are going to want to use some of these organizing tips. {{knuckle bumps}}

These binder clip hacks include an photo holders, hanger helpers, cord keeper, filing tabs paper organizers, cell phone stand, and so much more.

Binder Clip Organization

13 Ways to Organize with Binder Clips

The women I’m featuring today have mad crafting skillz! You won’t believe the cool stuff they’ve made.

13.  Hanger Helpers

I Heart Organizingby @PrettyOrganizedBlog

Instead of hanging clothes to dry over the clothesline, hang them on hangers and use binder clips to keep them separated so that they can dry properly. When they’re dry they’re ready to hang in your closet. A brilliant idea!

Get the instructions: Hanger Helpers

12. Organize Charge Cords

Organizing Made Funby @OrganizingMadeFun

Keep charging cords and cables tangle free with binder clips. A great idea if you keep them in your drawer.

Get tutorial here: Organize Charge Cords

11. Cord Keeper

It's Overflowingby @ItsOverflowing

How many times have you lost charging cords behind a desk or night stand? Try using binder clips to keep them organized and easily accessible.

Get tutorial here: Cord Finder

10. DIY Filing Tabs

Third Storyiesby @2ndfloordweller

Turn a binder clip into a handy filing tab. Attach them to the categories in your files files to find documents in a snap.

Get tutorial here: DIY Filing Tabs

9. Paper Organizers

Crazy Organizedby @thecrazyorganizedblog

The easiest and cheapest solution to paper chaos. Paint and label binder clips to organize your mail.

Get tutorial here: Paper Organizers

8. Storing Packets

One Good Thing by @onegoodthing

Make finding your spice packets easier by hanging them on a binder clip. Attach to a command adhesive hook to hang them vertically.

Get tutorial here: Storing Packets

7. Binder Clip Freezer Organization

Melinda Massieby @MelindaMassie

Use up the empty space in your freezer by hanging frozen packages. The shelves are perfect for hanging the bags to give you more space for other things underneath.

Get tutorial here: Binder Clip Freezer Organization

Binder Clip Hacks

Binder clips can be used to make pretty stands and hooks for hanging prints and photos. There’s no need to spend a lot of money when you can use an inexpensive office supply.

6.  Binder Clip Photo Holders.

Organize & Decorate Everythingby @OrganizeAndDecorateEverything

Turn large binder clips into adorable photo holders using scrap book paper and glue. An easy project you can do in just minutes.

Get tutorial here: Binder Clip Photo Holders

6. Poster Clips

Dwell Beautifulby @dwellbeautifulblog

A unique and creative way to hang prints is with binder clips. If you have the traditional black binder clips you can simply spray paint them to the desired color.

Get tutorial here: Poster Clips

4. DIY Yarn Bowl

Pocket Pauseby @isavea2z

If you love to crochet or knit you’ll love this clever way to turn a bowl into a yarn bowl. Just add a binder clip and voila. You won’t have to worry about the yarn getting tangled up.

Get tutorial here: DIY Yarn Bowl

3. Binder Clip Hacks

13 clever ways to organize your home and your life using blinder clips.

Phone Stand

Binder clips are brilliant to create makeshift stands for cell phones, ipods, and other electronic devices. Pair up those binder clips to make an easy peasy phone stand.

2. DIY Phone Stand with Binder Clips


Using 2 large binder clips and 1 medium clip you can make a cell phone stand. Use washi tape, nail polish or paint to decorate the clips.

Get tutorial here: DIY Phone Stand with Binder Clips

1. Binder Clip Phone Stand.

Balzer Designsby @BalzerDesigns

Make a cell phone stand from 2 binder clips and an old credit card or room key. An easy and quick project.

Get tutorial here: Binder Clip Phone Stand

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  2. I am ALL OVER that hanging the clips in the freezer for bags! Now, if you have any tips for keeping little fingers off of my binder clips, I could really use those 😉

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