17 Organized Homework Stations


It’s so important for a child to have their own space to work and be creative. These organized Home Office Ideas will help your child successfully complete all of their homework!  Here are 17 homework organization stations that will inspire you to get organized that you can create for your own home!

Organized Homework Stations

We’ve taken away all the guess work on how to organize a homework station with these incredible tutorials. For even more school activities and supplies Tip Junkie’s Creative Community has over 280 tutorials. You can always search there if you’’re looking for more tutorials with step-by-step instructions. {wink}

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Homework Organization

DIY Homework Station

1.  DIY Homework Station ~ If you need a space for your kids to get their homework done, then check out this homework station makeover! She took a dull space and made it into a place her kids will want to sit and work. Use this as inspiration to create an organized spot that will fit your children’s needs!

Home Office Ideas 

Mini Command Center

2.  Mini Command Center {homework calendar} ~ Create a gorgeous homework station with gold paint, embroidery hoops, free printables and clipboards.  The gold paint is right on trend too!


Painted Fold Down Desk

3.  Fold Up IKEA Homework Station ~ A desk can be a great way to get kids motivated to do homework.  This great tutorial makes a fold down desk from an Anna White template.  You can easily store supplies on the shelves and then close the desk and voila, there’s disguised.  The front panel was painted with chalkboard paint so kids can doodle or do homework there as well.

Bar Cart Homework Station

4.  Bar Cart Homework Station ~ A bar cart is ideal for small spaces or if you don’t have a designated desk.  It can easily be pulled over to the kitchen table for your child to do their homework and then moved again to store it.  

Back to School Homework Station

5.  Kindergarten Homework Ideas ~ Whether you are a homeschooler or just need a structured place for the kids to sit and do their homework.  Daily supplies are kept together in a carousel for easy organization and access.

Homework DIY Desk

DIY Custom Desk

6.  DIY Custom Desk {Ikea Hack}  ~ Make a custom sized desk to fit in any space. I made my desk to fit into a storage unit in my daughters room. This desk is fairly easy to put together and can be made any size you need. Perfect for an child’s room, entertainment center, or an office.

Declutter: Homework Solutions

DIY Homework Station7.  Boys Room Art/Homework Station ~ This boys art/homework station is super cool!  If it’s designed and decorated in their style they’re more likely to spend more time doing homework.  Hanging baskets, paper covered cans and chalkboards are some of the elements to help your child stay organized.

DIY Homework Station for Boys

8.  Homework Space Ideas ~ How to decorate the most used items for a High School BOY homework station using the Scotch Expressions Tape is easy with 3 quick steps to make sure your son’s back-to-school homework station is organized with a *tote* that is cool, so they’ll want to do their homework!  {{wink}} 

Crib Turned Craft Station

9.  Crib Turned Craft Station {Homework Table} ~ I adore this kids activity station using a re-purposed crib!  There’s chalkboard placemats, a drying rack for paintings, and storage cubbies under the desk.  Fantastic!

Homework Organization

DIY Lazy Susan Homework Station

10.  DIY Lazy Susan Homework Station ~ Use a lazy susan to hold school supplies.  They’ll always be within arms reach.

Homework Clipboards

11.  Homework Clipboards ~ Use decorative paper or left over wallpaper to cover clipboards.  Looks beautiful!

Get Organized

Portable Homework Station

12.  Portable Homework Station {homework organizer} ~ A crafter’s caddy makes the perfect portable homework station.  It can store all the necessary school supplies.  Plus, your child can carry it wherever they go, the couch, table, grandma’s, friends house or even their own bedroom.  

Homework Station Organization

13.  Back to School Ruler Crate ~ Mason jars are perfect for organizing and storing school supplies!  And, how adorable are they in this homemade ruler crate?

DIY Homework Station

14.  Portable Homework Station ~ This portable homework station is perfect if your child doesn’t always sit at the same place to do homework.  It’s small and compact and great for traveling to grandma’s, day care, or even a different room in the house.  The best part, all of the supplies are organized and in one box.

DIY Organization

School Supplies DIY

15.  Seat Sacks For Kids ~ These seat sacks are perfect to help keep your kiddos organized. Great for school supplies, craft supplies or anything else your kids love to keep handy but you need put away! {wink} All you’ll need is your sewing machine, fabric and ribbon.

DIY Organization

16.  School and Craft Supplies Organizer {home storage solutions} ~ Whether you are a homeschooler or not, you probably have a ton of craft and school supplies that need a consistent home! This is a great idea to create a spot for everything, an over the door shoe organizer. An inexpensive solution that will work wonders in organizing your space!

DIY Apple Bookends

17.  DIY Apple Bookends {free template} ~ This idea from Positively Splendid is too adorable not to share!  Stretched burlap was wrapped around some bricks and felt apples were made using the free template to create stylish and inexpensive bookends.


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