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49 Printable Bingo Card Templates


How to make bingo card with these free printable bingo cards and templates. You can use these bingo cards for baby and bridal shower games, as well as educational activities to learn multiplication, numbers, letters, and ABC’s. Bingo is such a fun activity, and these templates are perfect to print out to use as a family, at a party, or in the classroom!

Your family and party guests will have so much fun playing these free printable bingo games and they are easy to make! Simply print out the card templates and follow the instructions on how to make and play each one. Enjoy!

Free Printable Bingo Cards

Printable Bingo Cards

bingo template

1. Family Bingo Game {Family Game Night} ~ This download is in pdf form and includes 6 bingo cards & instructions. Game cards are 8.5 x 11 {regular printer paper size} you can play this game by calling out the picture name {, whale} or for a little bit more of a challenge you can call out any letter from the alphabet and have players find the coordinating picture. This is a great game for family game night. Free Printable Bingo

2. Shop With Me Bingo {Printable Bingo Cards for Kids} ~ Keep your kids busy while you are at the grocery store with this fun printable shopping bingo game. There is also an I Spy version for preschool age children. Print, laminate, and enjoy a shopping trip free of fits.

Travel Bingo Printable

3. Planego A Travel Bingo Game {Travel Games} ~ Traveling with kids can be a challenge! This is a fun travel bingo that you can print out and take along with you to entertain your preschool aged children! You child will love it and you will love that they are sitting still for a little while! {wink}

Printable Bingo super bowl

4. Super Bowl Bingo {free printable} ~ Kick off your Super Bowl Party with a fun game of bingo! Five marked squares in a row wins. Use little candy or pretzel pieces for place markers.

red carpet bingo-jpg

5. Red Carpet Bingo ~ A fun game to play while watching the red carpet review.

Printable Bingo Cards downtown abbey

6. Downton Abbey Bingo ~ Immerse yourself in the scandal, intrigue and British properness of our favorite aristocratic family. The set includes four free printable cards.

Blank Bingo Cards Template

Blank Bingo Cards Template

7.  Blank Bingo Cards ~ This is a blank BINGO card in color.  This can be used for any type of party or teaching math facts, word wall words, letter identification, number identification or holidays. Blank Bingo Card Template

8.  Blank Bingo Template ~ A black and white bingo template with a free space.  It can be used for any type of party or for teaching decimals, fractions and percents.

Number Bingo Cards

Number Bingo Cards

9. Money Bingo Cards ~ Learn coin values with this fun Money Bingo game. The first person to get three-in-a-row gets BINGO. Grab a cup of coins and print the free cards.

Number Bingo

10. Subtraction Bingo ~ Help your little one’s learn basic subtraction facts with this free bingo card set. It includes 4 Subtraction Bingo Cards, a number line and teacher cards with subtraction facts 0-10.

Number Bingo Card Template

11.  Classic Number Bingo Card ~ Use this Free Classic Number Bingo Card markers to create classic bingo cards. Simply click a button to generate a card, then click a button to print the card or cards.

Multiplication Bingo Cards Printable

Multiplication Bingo Cards Printable

12.  Multiplication Bingo Cards ~ The files have either 12 bingo cards or 72 bingo cards. Choose the size that is best for your needs. Each file is different.

Multiplication Bingo Card Template

13.  Multiplication Bingo ~ Practice the times tables with this version of classic bingo.  There are four cards available to print.

Free Printable Birthday Bingo Cards

Birthday Bingo Printable

14. Happy Birthday Bingo ~ This adorable bingo game is perfect for preschool aged children. Use Dots and Dashes Paint, buttons or cheerios for place markers

. Birthday Bingo Card Printable

15.  Printable Birthday Bingo Cards ~ A generic birthday bingo game for any themed party.  These bingo cards come in a set of 10 different layouts for 10 players so everyone can play.  {wink}

Free Printable Birthday Bingo

16. American Girl Bingo {Kids Games} ~ Here’s a fun kids games you can do as a family or at an American Girl party or birthday party. Also you can print out this game for party guests to send home as a party favor.

Free Printable Birthday Bingo

17. Project Runway Bingo ~ Are you a die-hard Project Runway fan? This bingo game is a fun way for you and a few friends to enjoy the anxiously awaited next episode. Or save them for the next season premier.

Birthday Bingo

18.  Dr. Seuss Bingo ~  Print and laminate these Dr. Seuss bingo cards for extended use.  Fish crackers make perfect place markers.

Birthday Bingo Printable

19. Thomas the Tank Engine Bingo ~ Nine printable Thomas the Tank Engine Bingo cards to print for free.

Birthday Bingo

20.  Toy Story Bingo ~ There are eight different Toy Story bingo cards to print. Happy Birthday Bingo Printable

21. Printable Lego Bingo Cards ~ Hosting a Lego themed birthday party? Take care of the party game quick and easy with this free printable bingo card set.

star wars Lego-Bingo-jpg

22. Star Wars Legos Bingo {Kids Games} ~ Keep the kids occupied with this fun Star Wars Lego Bingo game!

Birthday Bingo Games

23. Spiderman Bingo ~ Are you planning a Spiderman birthday party for your son? Then consider yourself hooked up with these fun games. You can print them out to play at your party, use them as party favors, or just play as a family.

Baby Shower Bingo Cards

babyshowerbingoNEUTRAL-791x1024 (1)-jpg

24. Baby Bingo ~ This baby shower baby bingo is designed so that you can fill in the blanks with baby items or whatever you’d like!Baby Shower Bingo

25. Baby Shower Bingo Game ~ A template & pictures of blank bingo cards to print for baby shower gift bingo.

ABC Bingo Cards


26. Alphabet Bingo ~ This alphabet game is simple. Just print the boards. There are 10, total. If you have more kids than that, print multiples and divide them into a couple of groups to play. Awesome.

ABC Bingo

27. 25 Ways to Use Magnetic Letters at Home {free printable} ~ LETTER BINGO Make two cards with a grid of three boxes across and three down. Trace one lowercase letter in each box. Put a pile of magnetic letters that are representing the letters on the cards and some that are not in a plastic bowl. Play a Letter Bingo game.

 ABC Bingo Printable

28. ABC Bingo Mat ~ Help your child with learn their abc’s with this fun game of bingo. All you have to do is register for the Teachers Notebook and you can print the mats for free.

Bridal Shower Bingo Cards

Blank Bridal Shower Bingo Cards

29. Bridal Shower Bingo ~ The rules for this Bridal Shower Bingo are simple. Every guest writes in what gifts they think the bride will receive. Then when the bride is opening her gifts, the guests cross off the ones that she received. The daisy in the center is the free space. If someone gets a line (diagonal, horizontal or vertical straight line) then they get a prize.

Music Bingo

Music Bingo Template

31.  Music Bingo ~ Music Bingo is a fun way to help learn reading music. You play exactly like normal bingo, except each of the squares contains musical notes.

Printable Bible Bingo Cards

Bible Bingo Cards

35.  Christmas Bible Bingo ~ A Bible Bingo game with pictures of the story of Christmas.  Included are the words “Jesus” and “Savior”  along with coordinating Christmas pictures.  There are five card templates to print.

Bible Bingo

36.  Books of the Bible Bingo Cards ~ A great teaching aide to help learn the books of the bible.  There are 6 different cards to print.

Holiday Bingo Cards

New Year's Bingo

37. New Year’s Bingo ~ Celebrate New Year’s Eve with these family-friendly bingo cards.  These one-of-a-kind bingo cards are full of images of balloons, confetti, streamers, and noise-makers. See who can get bingo before the final countdown begins. Valentinebingo-1-png

38. Valentine’s Day Bingo ~ Here’s a fun activity you can do as a family or at a Valentine’s Day, or red day party. This is a favorite becaue players don’t have to be readers to enjoy the game.

bunny bingo

39. Bunny Bingo {Easter Bunny Games} ~ To play bunny bingo, kids find all of the eggs that match the colors on the cards. Once they get older, the kids can race to find all of the colors on their cards first. You get to pick the prize! {wink}


40. Easter Bingo ~If you’re looking for a fun classroom activity or just a little holiday fun, this bright and charming Printable Easter Bingo is sure to be fun for everyone! ADORE!


41. St. Patricks Day Bingo {printable} ~Print out the St. Patrick’s Day bingo card, eat green treats and play this with the kids! Sure to be tons of fun!Summer Bingo Printable

42. Summer Bingo {luau} ~ Lots of free worksheets you can print for the kids this summer. Includes bingo games, word searches, coloring pages, matching games, activities and more.


43. 4th of July Bingo ~ Enjoy a fun game of patriotic bingo with the kids during Election Day. Love that even non-readers can play with these game cards!

Holiday Bingo Template

44. Winter Bingo ~ Twelve winter themed bingo cards and calling cards.  Simple print them and use your own markers. Holiday Printable Bingo

45. Fall Harvest Bingo ~ Free fall and harvest themed bingo game. Perfect for pre k through first grade.

Holiday Printable Bingo

46. Spring Bingo ~ April showers bring May flowers. This adorable spring bingo card set features numbers and spring pictures.


47. Printable Halloween Bingo Cards ~ These free printable Halloween bingo cards are too cute for words. They’d be great for a pre-school class party!

Holiday Printable Bingo Cards

48. Thanksgiving Bingo ~ Keep your children occupied while you prepare the Thanksgiving meal with this fun Thanksgiving version.  Use bugles, popcorn, m&m’s or mini pumpkins for place markers.  They can have a little snack while playing. {wink}


49. Christmas Bingo ~ Who doesn’t love bingo?! Kids and adults a like can sit down and enjoy this holiday themed bingo game. Best of all, all you have to do is print and it’s ready to go!

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