15 Of The Best Handmade and Printable Birthday Cards


Birthday cards to create and print for both kids and adults. You’ll find free printable birthday cards that are cuter than store-bought and creative handmade cards that can serve as a gift too.

It never fails that I forget to pick up a birthday card when I need it. You can download a stack of these cute printable birthday cards for kids and you will never be left empty-handed again. Plus, you and your kids will love these great ideas to personalize your handmade cards and bring joy to your friends and family.

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Birthday cards to make


There are som many options for homemade cards! you can make some impressive cards, funny cards, a cupcake card, shaker cards, a lollipop card, coloring page cards, watercolor cards, elephant cards, and even personalized cards! There are also printables to help you make a candy gram card and a unicorn card!


DIY Birthday Cards


15 Impressive DIY Birthday Cards

Printable Birthday Card Candy Grams

14. Printable Birthday Card Candy Grams

These printable birthday cards for kids, teens, and adults and have a sweet gift already included! Stephanie has created easy to follow instructions and the free birthday printables can be printed in blue or pink. Download the free printables here –>  Printable Birthday Candy Grams

Don’t forget the candy needed:

  • Butterfinger
  • Twix
  • Almond Joy
  • Snickers
  • Crunch
  • Milky Way
  • Mounds
  • Extra gum
Free Printable Funny Birthday Cards

13. Free Printable Funny Birthday Cards

These birthday cards are so awesome and there’s one for pretty much any situation! Cori has some funny birthday cards, and she has included the free birthday card printables for you to easily download and create. DIY cards couldn’t be any easier! {high five} Click here to download the free printable birthday cards –>  Free Funny Printable Birthday Cards

Pro Tip:  Heavier cardstock works best for handmade cards.


Cute Cupcake Birthday Card

12. Cute Cupcake DIY Birthday Card

These sweet little handmade cards make super easy DIY cards! They use some simple baking items, like a cupcake liner and birthday candle, but they don’t add any calories. {wink} Leslie has simple instructions that even kids will enjoy creating. Click here for the DIY cards tutorial –> Cute Cupcake DIY Birthday Card

If you are getting out the baking supplies, make sure that you check out these amazing birthday cupcake ideas.  You can click here for the ideas and recipes –> 15 Birthday Cupcake Cake Ideas [recipes] The princess dress and Minnie Mouse dress are just too adorable!


Free Printable Coloring Birthday Card

11. Free Printable Coloring Birthday Card

Having three kids, there have been seasons where I feel like all I am doing is receiving birthday invites and buying birthday gifts, and I almost always forget the birthday cards! This happy birthday card printable is perfect to keep on hand for your kids to create and color.  They can give each cupcake their own unique style! Heck, I think these birthday cards are fun for moms too! Click here to download the free printable birthday card for kids –> Free Printable Coloring Birthday Card

Easy DIY Shaker Cards

10. Easy DIY Shaker Cards

If you want to make an impression, these easy “interactive” handmade cards might just do the trick. The birthday card templates make these DIY cards easy to make, and so much fun to receive. With a heartfelt note, a handmade card is a gift in itself. Click here for the birthday card templates –>  DIY Easy Shaker Cards

Easy Homemade Lollipop Birthday Card

9. Easy Homemade Lollipop Birthday Card

These handmade cards with lollipops look deliciously amazing! Nikki shows you how to make these DIY cards that are perfect for birthdays. She includes some additional “sweet” inspiration for other treats like ice cream cones and fudgesicles. Click here for the tutorial –> Easy Sprinkles Lollipop Homemade Card

Birthday Card From A Coloring Page

8. Birthday Card From A Coloring Page

Another gorgeous birthday card tutorial for those who love to color. Angie has included some free birthday printables or she shows you how you can use a coloring page that you might already have. These printable birthday cards are perfect for kids to make and color, and a piece of cardstock completes the look. Click here for the tutorial –> DIY Birthday Card From A Coloring Page


Free Printable Watercolor Birthday Cards


6. Free Printable Watercolor Birthday Cards

A gorgeous set of six watercolor happy birthday card printables. No crafting needed, just a printer and some cardstock! The handlettering that Maria has included is just gorgeous. I don’t know which is my favorite, the arrow or the pink flamingos! Click here to download the free printable birthday cards –> Free Printable Watercolor Birthday Cards

Printable Unicorn Birthday Card

5. Printable Unicorn Birthday Card

Everyone loves unicorns so this card will certainly be a hit, but you must check out Cindy’s other free birthday printables available in the original post! You’ll find the perfect card for your best gal pal, kids, and almost anyone. Download the free birthday printables here –>: Printable Unicorn Birthday Card

Elephant Birthday Card

4. Elephant Birthday Card

This whimiscal handmade card uses a technique called shape stamping. May gives a beautiful tutorial filled with lots of inspiration for DIY cards. Click here to get the tutorial –>  DIY Stamping Elephant Birthday Card

Printable Cupcake Birthday Card

3. Printable Cupcake Birthday Card

These pretty cupcake birthday cards are perfect for those times when you need a last-minute card. Just print and go! Stephanie created these free birthday printable cards based on her recent trip to Japan and chose an 80’s color them. I love it! Click here to download the printable birthday cards –> Printable Cupcake Birthday Card

Personalized Birthday Card Tutorial

2. Personalized Birthday Card Tutorial

If you want to take DIY cards to the next level check out this detailed tutorial. Lindsey shows step by step instructions for this unique birthday card template. I love her use of upcycled text and I know a book lover in my life that would be overjoyed to receive this personalized card. Click here for the tutorial –> Personalized Birthday Card Tutorial

Free Watercolor Birthday Card

1. Free Watercolor Birthday Card

These hilarious but tasteful printable birthday cards will be appreciated by anyone who loves to have a good laugh. There is so much joy in making someone smile on their special day. Print a couple extra on some good card stock and be ready for those last minute birthdays that seem to pop up. Click here to download the happy birthday card printable –> Free Watercolor Birthday Card Printables


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DIY Happy Birthday Cards

What Did I Miss?

I’d love to know what birthday ideas and DIY cards you are looking for and want to make. Leave a comment below. I also take requests, so if you’re looking for something specific let me know in the comments.

Don’t Forget the Handmade Birthday Gift

diy birthday gifts

Thoughtful handmade birthday gifts that are quick and easy to make. These cake boxes are a sweet touch and make sure that you check out the candy gram, it’s perfect for just about anyone! Click here for the tutorials –> 15 Easy DIY Birthday Gifts

Gift Giving Is Easy With These DIY Gift Card Holders

45 DIY Gift Card Holders Youll Love to Give

These DIY gift card holders turn a basic gift card into a thoughtful gift. It’s an easy way to say happy birthday, thank you, or good luck. You’ll find a creative and cute gift card holder for just about any occasion and for any recipient including graduates, birthdays, and teachers. They are an easy way to complete your handmade cards. Click here for the tutorials –> 45 DIY Gift Card Holders You’ll Love to Give

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