13 Fun Ways To Dress Up That Baby Bump [Pregnancy Halloween Costumes]


Maternity Halloween costumes don’t have to be complicated or uncomfortable. Here are 13 fashionable and fun Halloween costumes that won’t make you feel frumpy and are easy to make!

Find a DIY pregnancy Halloween costume that is sure to win a costume contest, get a chuckle, or just wow the neighborhood trick or treaters. Plus, these costumes for pregnant women are budget-friendly and will leave you some money left over for diapers!

Baby Bump Witch Maternity Costumes


The following maternity Halloween costumes are perfect for any mom with a baby bump! Some of the pregnant costume ideas include being a disco ball, a deviled egg, a bubblegum machine, a cactus, a mummy, a balloon, a pregnant skeleton, a scarecrow, an avocado, or a baseball. There are even references to Vector from “Despicable Me”, Juno and Paulie, and Care Bears!


13 Halloween Costumes For Pregnant Women That are Easy to Make
13 Halloween Costumes For Pregnant Women That are Easy to Make

How to decide what maternity Halloween costumes are best for you? You don’t have to settle for a plain old white sheet ghost when you need a pregnant belly Halloween costume.

  • Step 1: Determine size ~ How prominent will your belly be?
  • Step 2: How much do you want to show off your baby bump?
  • Step 3: Do you want to be funny, fashionable, or something in between?
  • Step 4: Budget ~ How much do I want to spend?
  • Step 5: Do I want to DIY it or buy it?

These are some of the questions I would ask to help you pick the perfect pregnancy costume this year. Whether you are headed to a couples party or hitting the pavement with your little trick or treaters, you’ll find the following ideas for Halloween costumes for pregnant women to have a little bit of everything.

13. DIY Disco Ball Pregnant Halloween Costume

Pregnant Woman Disco Ball On Belly As A Halloween Costume
@Happily Huges

Who said you can’t look feminine and gorgeous while pregnant? This beautiful disco ball is perfect for a pregnant belly Halloween costume. For DIY pregnant Halloween costumes, this disco ball is really easy to create! {knuckle bumps} Click here for the tutorial –> DIY Disco Ball Costume

12. DIY Deviled Egg Pregnancy Costume

White poster board cutout of egg over baby bump

If you are looking for easy pregnant Halloween costumes, this deviled egg is easy and adorable at the same time. You can pick up the supplies in the craft aisle, and the horns and tail can be found in any Halloween costume department. I always love a good play-on-words maternity costume! Jamie has easy to follow instructions with great pictures.  Click here for the tutorial –> DIY Deviled Egg Pregnancy Costume

Supplies needed:

  • One piece of poster board
  • A plate
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Hole punch
  • String or fishing line
  • Devil horns and tail

11. DIY Bubblegum Machine Maternity Costume

paper circles taped onto pregnant belly

If you are looking for comfortable pregnant Halloween costume ideas, this gumball machine is sweet and easy to wear. Especially if you have to trick or treat! Chelsea gives great instructions with pictures for this easy DIY Halloween costume. Click here for the tutorial –> DIY Bubblegum Machine Maternity Costume

10. Vector From ‘Despicable Me’ Pregnancy Costume

Pregnant women in track suit

You can always find great pregnant Halloween ideas from kid movies. This Vector costume from Despicable me is such a geeky and weird costume but also brilliant. If you’ve got other kids, a couple of minions would make a great family Halloween costumes. Click here for the tutorial –>  Vector From ‘Despicable Me’ Pregnancy Costume

9. DIY Cactus Maternity Halloween Costume

Yarn sewn onto green sweater for cactus look

A green long-sleeved shirt, hot glue, and some light-colored yarn are all you need for this budget-friendly pregnancy Halloween costume. Plus, this costume works great for quick DIY costumes. It’s also super comfortable, as all Halloweek costumes for pregnant women should be! Click here for the tutorial –> DIY Cactus Maternity Halloween Costume

8. Pregnant “Mummy” Halloween Costume

Pregnant woman wrapped up to look like a mummy

What can I be for Halloween without buying a costume? Punny pregnancy costume ideas will make everyone chuckle. This pregnant belly Halloween mummy is super cute thanks to the baby’s “eyes” peeking through the mummy wraps.  It is sure to win a costume contest, and it’s easy to make! Click here for the tutorial –> Pregnant “Mummy” Halloween Costume

7. Balloon Belly Halloween Pregnancy Costume

White Shirt painted to make baby bump look like balloon
@Malissa and Machelle

How do we stay fashion trendy during pregnancy? I’d say this costume definitely fits the occasion. A cute pair of skinny jeans, a plain t-shirt, and some felt will easily create these cute pregnant Halloween costumes for growing bellies from Malisa and Machelle. Check the original post for more awesome pregnancy Halloween costume ideas. Click here for the tutorial–>  Balloon Belly Halloween Pregnancy Costume

6. Juno and Paulie Halloween couple pregnancy costume

Pregnant couple dressed as characters from Juno

If you are looking for a pregnant Halloween costume idea for couples, this is an easy and creative idea and is perfect for fans of the Juno movie. You might even be able to find most of the outfit in your closet! Click here for costume instructions –> Juno and Paulie Halloween couple pregnancy costume

Check out these ideas for more pregnant couple costumes. They are great if you aren’t too far along, but you could definitely hide a bump under the macaroon costume. Click here for more couple costume ideas –>  12 Best Couple Halloween Costume Patterns

5. Pregnant Skeleton Last Minute Halloween Costume

Skeleton shirt with baby skeleton on pregnant belly

Pretty sure this is not how a mom & baby would look in an X-ray but the idea is still an adorable DIY Halloween costume! It is a perfect way to show off your bun in the oven, and you could easily make skeleton family Halloween costumes for the whole crew! This pregnant belly Halloween baby is too cute with that little bow {wink} Click here for the tutorial–> Pregnant Skeleton Last Minute Halloween Costume

4. DIY Grumpy Care Bear Costume

Blue pajamas with white belly to look like a care bear

I think the Care Bear is one of the best pregnant Halloween costume ideas. It is the perfect costume if you don’t want to give up on comfort during Halloween. In fact, I think all Halloween costumes for pregnant women should start with a good pair of sweat pants.{wink} Click here for the tutorial –> DIY Grumpy Care Bear Costume

3. DIY Cute Scarecrow Halloween Maternity Costume

Pregnant woman dressed as Scarecrow

When I think of pregnant costume ideas, pumpkins just seem like a great fit. This little pumpkin belly is a simple, but super cute costume for pregnant pumpkin lovers. Click here for the tutorial –> DIY Cute Scarecrow Halloween Maternity Costume

2. DIY Pregnant Avocado Halloween Costume

Avocado costume with pregnant belly as the seed

These funny pregnant Halloween costumes just make me giggle! A bit of crafting with some paint and cardboard, and voila: a fun, pregnant belly Halloween avocado costume for expecting moms. Louise’s tutorial is easy to follow with great photos. Click here for the tutorial–> DIY Pregnant Avocado Halloween Costume

1. DIY Pregnant Baseball Costume

Pregnant woman with belly dressed up as baseball

How to make a spherical costume? This baseball costume is a great hack to create a spherical look for your baby bump! Ashley knocks it out of the park with this awesome pregnancy costume idea for baseball fans which can be customized with your favorite team colors. Dress up dad as a baseball player or umpire, and you’ve got great pregnant Halloween costume ideas for couples, or family Halloween costumes with a little leaguer too. Click here for the tutorial –> DIY Pregnant Baseball Costume

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What Did I Miss?

Leave a comment below. I’d love to know what Halloween costumes you are making or are planning to wear this year, especially if you have some cute pregnant costume ideas. I also take requests, so if you’re looking for a specific pattern or idea let me know in the comments. I’ll be happy to find it for you and add it to this list for fellow Tip Junkie’s.

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