5 Trick Or Treating Safety Tips


Trick or Treating is one of the highlights of the year for most kids.

They anticipate the candy, candy, and more candy with a single minded-ness that most parents only wish they’d apply to other areas of their lives.  {{snicker}} Unfortunately, trick or treating can have hidden dangers, so it’s important that parents and kids alike exercise caution when heading out to start collecting vast amounts of candy.

These Trick or Treating Safety Tips have been helping keep my family safe over the years.  I hope they keep yours safe, too.


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1. Head Out BEFORE it Gets Dark!

When I was a kid we didn’t leave until it was fully dark outside.  Nowadays, it’s perfectly acceptable to head out after dinner whether or not the sun is down.

In most cases, kids have school the next day, so many people appreciate trick or treaters arriving after dinner and finishing by 8 or 8:30 at the latest.  It’s just not safe for young children to be out any later and most people are not interested in handing out candy after 8:30 either.


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2. Stick to the Familiar

Don’t make Halloween the night you decide to explore new neighborhoods.  Even if you’ve heard other places give out better candy bars.

Stick to your own neighborhood and knocking on doors that you are familiar with.  In fact, map our your route before you leave your house so that you know exactly where you are going and your kids do too.

Talk to your children about what to do should they get separated.  Make sure you have a plan in place in the event someone gets lost.  Be sure an adult accompanies each group of children and that children know never to enter a house or to cut through dark fields or alleys.


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3. Wear Appropriate Clothing

Costumes are fun.  Costumes are the point but don’t sacrifice comfort for the sake of a great costume while you are trick or treating.

Make sure that children are wearing costumes that they can move in without tripping and that they don’t have accessories that could hurt themselves or another.

It’s important to wear comfortable shoes so that children don’t trip and fall and also so that they can actually walk their route.

Some places in the United States are also COLD on Halloween so be sure children and adults wear a coat so that the trick or treating party doesn’t freeze while they are out.



4. Bring a Flashlight

I’m always surprised by how DARK the sidewalks can get in between houses and it seems like each year fewer and fewer people participate in handing out candy.  So, it’s important to bring a flashlight to light up the path that you are walking with your children.



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5. Check Their Candy!

I know that this might be the hardest one of all, but before you let your kiddos dive into their candy, check it over thoroughly.

Throw out any candy that looks like it has been unwrapped, opened, or is not in its original wrapper.  I also throw out candy that is homemade unless you know it came from someone you trust.

What’s your best Trick or Treating tip?


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