50+ Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas [free patterns]


Everyone loves to dress up for Halloween! When you make your own they can be super inexpensive and original! So, if you’re looking for unique Halloween costume ideas, then I’ve got you covered! I’ve found the best ideas around for babies, toddler, teens, adults and even families. I’ve even included easy Halloween accessories to make that can be used alone or with a costume. There’s definitely an idea here for you!

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15 Halloween Costumes for Women

15 Modest Costumes for Women

If you’re looking for easy modest halloween costumes for women who still like to look super cute on Halloween, then check out these costume ideas for women to dress up as movie characters, animals, princess as well as some scary Halloween costume ideas.

32 Baby Halloween Costumes

21 Best Baby Halloween Costumes

Picking babies first Halloween costume is always an exciting time! From cartoon characters to farm animals and fruit, I’ve found several diy newborn Halloween costumes ideas that should give you lots of ideas.

If you’re looking for a unique diy infant Halloween costumes, then check out these 21 Baby Halloween costume ideas to dress up as characters, funny one’s that bring a laugh, as well as boy and girl costumes ideas.

11 Adorable Baby Stroller Costume Ideas
Don’t forget about dressing up the stroller when planning a costume for baby. Here are 11 baby costumes ideas to dress up your baby and stroller as characters, airplane, cartoons, movie-themed, and even an iPhone.

26 Kids Costumes

26 Darling DIY Kids Costumes to Make [free patterns]

Boys and girls alike will go crazy for these Halloween costumes for kids that include Star Wars, disco ball, painter, planets and so much more! Easy Halloween Costumes for GirlsGirls halloween costumes are just so cute and creative, I want to make several every year. Whether your girl is just walking or a tween, or teen, I’ve found the best ideas around including character costumes, princess costumes, costumes for teens, animal costumes, funny costumes, simple costumes, and more.

14 Couples Costumes

14 Creative Couples Costumes

Looking for couples halloween costumes that are creative, fun and easy? These 14 ideas should give you plenty of ideas to choose from.

64 Family Halloween Costumes

Family Halloween Costumes

Halloween is my favorite holiday and I felt like I couldn’t let it pass without featuring family Halloween Costume Ideas. When my boys were little, we had a theme each year. Now they’re too old and have all kinds of opinions and refuse to cooperate. However, if your kids are still into it, here are some fun ideas.

10 Fantastic Family Halloween Costumes You Can Make!

Check out these fantastic 10 diy family halloween costumes, team costumes, superhero costumes, pirate costume, halloween family, funny costume, and more. There’s something for everyone!

13 Family Themed Halloween Costume Ideas

If you’re looking for unique family Halloween Costume Ideas, then check out these 13 family halloween costumes to dress up as characters from books or movies, funny one’s that bring a laugh, as well as couple and group costume ideas.

28 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas {child, family, adult}DIY Halloween costumes ideas for the entire family. These 28 family halloween costume ideas include child, adult and family.

13 Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

You don’t have to be able to sew to make these costumes. From a gumball machine to a scuba diver here are 13 easy costume ideas.

31 Group Halloween Costumes

Group Halloween Costumes

You won’t have to break the bank with these group Halloween costume ideas. They’re all diy and there’s something for everyone!

Check out these 12 best Couples Costumes to dress up as characters, food, board games as well as movie couples. There’s something for everyone!

19 Easy Adult Halloween Costumes [men, women]

Adult Halloween costumes are so much fun! Homemade costumes for adults can be as creative, inexpensive, and original as kids costumes! Here are 19 Easy Adult Halloween Costumes for men and women.

30 Halloween Makeup

Halloween Makeup

We’ve found our favorite animal halloween makeup tutorials that are perfect to pair with a great costume or just wear alone. Animal faces are all the rage with women this year because the face paint is so stunning and life-like. 

15 Halloween Face Painting Ideas

Most children love getting their face painted for Halloween. They add the final touches to the costume. Here are 15 halloween face painting ideas.

18 Homemade Halloween Masks

Homemade Halloween Masks

We’ve found our favorite DIY Halloween masks tutorials that are perfect to pair with a great costume or just to wear alone. It’s amazing what a difference a Halloween Mask can make to accentuate your costume, or to stand alone.

Festive Holiday Costumes

7 Festive Holiday Costumes

Vintage Revivals

If you have a large family, this christmas costume by Vintage Revivals just might be the costume for you. It’s easy to put together individual coordinating costumes and it looks FABULOUS together. This family actually put this together for a Christmas card, but we think it makes a super clever Halloween costume idea!

Tiny Little Bee
Red solid pants and long sleeve t-shirt are used to make this adorable santa costume by Tiny Little Bee. There’s even a tutorial to make a cute reindeer.

Playful Learning

Here is a fun accessory by Playful Learning that your kids will have a blast with! This bunny mask is featured as a printable, so all you have to do is print, cut out and tie on a string!

Make It & Love It

Dress up your kiddo with this felt leprechaun top hat by Make It & Love It. A free pattern is available to download and print.

Crazy Little Projects

A simple no-sew costume by Crazy Little Projects using a white sweat suit and the free pattern pieces.
Free Time Frolics

Free Time Frolics version of Vintage Little Bo Peep. Skirt, vest with plumes, Bonnet, lamb and crook. The perfect easter costume for your Little Miss.Made Everday

These are adorable little Pilgrim caps, collars, and a hat by Made Everday for your little ones! They’re a fun thanksgiving costumes idea.

50+ Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas [free patterns]

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