26 Darling DIY Kids Costumes to Make [free patterns]


Homemade costumes can leave such lasting memories!  So if you’re looking for unique diy halloween costume ideas then check out these adorable kids Halloween costumes to dress up as characters, funny one’s that bring a laugh, as well as boy and girl costumes ideas.

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As always, the Tip Junkie Pattern and Halloween sites have hundreds of pictured tutorials with 121 costume ideas. You can always search there if you’re looking for more pictured tutorials. {wink}

Kids Halloween Costumes


Creative Kids Halloween Costumes

Disco Ball Costume

1.  Disco Ball Costume ~ How fun is this disco ball costume?!  A paper mache technique is used and mirror paper us adhered to it.  It’s the perfect costume for a child or an adult.

DIY Bubble Bath Costume

2.  DIY Bubble Bath Costume ~ How cool is this Halloween costume?!  It’s so simple to make too!  Latex balloons, a wagon, rubber ducks and adorable children make this fantastic costume.

DIY Needle and Thread Costume

3.  DIY Needle and Thread Costume ~ This Needle and Thread Costume is pure genius!  It’s made from a lamp shade, cardboard, white t-shirt and a large knitting needle.

Coffee and Donut Costume

4.  Coffee and Donut Costume ~ Your little one will be the sweetest in this no-sew Coffee and Donut Costume.  {snicker}  Felt and batting was hot glued to a cardboard circle for this uber cute costumes for kids!

Starbucks Halloween Costume DIY – A Cup Full of Sa by acupfullofsass

A Gumball Machine Costume by dukesandduchesses

DIY Planet Halloween Costumes

Simple Kids Costumes

5.  DIY Planet Halloween Costumes ~ Learn how to make out of this world adorable planet costumes from t-shirts, beanie hat and hula hoops.

Little Artist Costume

6.  Little Artist Costume ~ What little artist wouldn’t love this adorable costume?  An apron and paint palette were handmade to accentuate the costume.  The added paint splotches to the face are priceless!

Superhero Baby Costume

6.  Superhero Baby Costume ~ A simple no-sew costume using a white onesie, spray paint and t-shirt.

Homemade Jellyfish Costume

7.  Homemade Jellyfish Costume ~ Make a super cute jellyfish costume in 10 minutes.  It’s the perfect last minute costume.  All you need is a clear bubble umbrella and ribbon.

Easy No-Sew Scarecrow Costume

8.  Easy No-Sew Scarecrow Costume ~ This Scarecrow costume is so adorable and perfect for boys and girls. It’s an easy no-sew project by pinning burlap scraps to the overalls and adding yarn for the straw. {smiling}

Film Strip Costume

9.  Film Strip Costume ~ A super simple costume using foam boards and 2 11×13 photos.  Make sure your child wears the same outfit as in the pictures.  {wink}

Robber Costume and Loot Bag

10.  Robber Costume and Loot Bag ~ Black pants, black and white striped shirt and a beanie hat is all you need.  Add a vinyl dollar sign to a white pillowcase for an easy loot bag.

Best Character Costumes

If your child is in love with their favorite book, movie, tv, or cartoon here are some delightful character costumes they might enjoy this holiday.

Humpty Dumpty Costume for Kids

11.  Humpty Dumpty Costume for Kids ~ An easy nursery rhyme costume made from a cardboard box that’s easily recognized by everyone. This reminds me of school parties! Wouldn’t it be cute to throw a Nursery Rhyme themed party?

Cute Girl Costumes

Pink Flamingo costume

12.  Pink Flamingo costume ~ Make an adorable Flamingo kids costumes from inexpensive pink feather boa’s and felt.  Minimal sewing is required. Isn’t it fabulous how costume accessories can make the costume?

Easy Animal Halloween Costumes

DIY Unicorn Costume

13.  DIY Unicorn Costume ~ The magical, make believe world of a child’’s mind can lend itself to the most enchanting of costumes, a unicorn.  A hooded sweatshirt is transformed into a unicorn by adding yarn, felt horn, felt flowers and felt ears.

DIY Octopus Costume

14. DIY Octopus Costume ~ Giggles Galore shared this awesome octopus costume that’s easier to make than you’d think. You do need several supplies including four pairs of tights to make, so start looking for tights now! If you are looking for a unique kids Halloween costumes, you are in luck!

Best Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas

DIY White Swan Costume

14.  DIY White Swan Costume ~ Looking for great costumes for your kid? Make a tulle tutu skirt and add an inexpensive white feather boa for the feathers.

DIY Glinda and Wicked Witch Costumes

15.  DIY Glinda and Wicked Witch Costumes ~ Make a good witch and bad witch costume by making a simple tulle skirt to add to a leotard.

Just A Little Creativity: Make a No-Sew Dr. Seuss by just a little creativity
I Spy Book Costume by tpcraft

Easy Toddler Halloween Costumes

toddler halloween costumes

16. Wonder Woman Costumes on Amazon by amazon

17.  Wonder Woman Costume Pattern For Kids by crazylittleprojects

18.  Toddler Owl Costume by martinfamilytimes

19. Clark Kent Toddler Costume by waittilyourfathersgethome

20.  Ghost No-Sew Costume Tutorial by bobshelbling

21.  Where the Wild Things Are Costume by mrs wigglebottom

Madeline Costume

20.  Madeline Costume ~ Straight from the book pages this adorable Madeline costume was made from a plain nightgown pattern.  A collared shirt was worn underneath the dress, which eliminated sewing a collar.  Add a simple red ribbon to the front of the dress and voila!

Mr. Tumnus Faun Costume from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by tikkido

DIY Scarecrow Costume

21.  DIY Scarecrow Costume ~ Layers and layers of tulle make this ordinary scarecrow costume spectacular!

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas to Make

Little Red Riding Hood Costume

22.  Little Red Riding Hood Costume ~ Deep inside the enchanted woods stood an adorable Little Red Riding Hood.  A few key elements make this fantastic costume, a hooded cape, tulle skirt and a basket. Halloween outfits were never so cute.

No Sew Witch Costume

23.  No Sew Witch Costume ~ I’ll get you my pretties!  Make an adorably wicked no-sew witch costume from tulle, Halloween tablecloth and t-shirt. Kids costumes have never been so cute!

last minute pirate costume

24. Pirate Costume to Kids ~ Apple Green Cottage shares a great costume tutorial that your child can use year-round. It’s so easy to make you can use it as a last minute DIY pirate costume.

Pirate Costumes on Amazon by amazon

Cool Homemade Character Costumes

Star Wars C3P0

25.  Star Wars C3P0 ~You’ll be in awe when you see the creativity behind this super awesome C3PO costume.  Gold spray paint is used for the finishing touches.

Star Wars Obi-Wan Costume

26.  Star Wars Obi-Wan Costume ~ This Obi-Wan Costume is seriously amazing!  The patterns to sew the vest and robe are included. Change the colors to black for a ninja costume!

Cute Boy Costume

Vintage Circus Strong Man

27.  Vintage Circus Strong Man ~ A wooden dowel and balloons are used to make the barbels.

Homemade Lego Costume

28.  Homemade Lego Costume ~ Your lego lovers will love this easy DIY lego costume. Dress everyone up as different colored legos for fun and easy family theme.

 Jockey and Race Horse Costumes

29.  Jockey and Race Horse Costumes ~ This Jockey and Race Horse costume has to be the cutest around.  A painted t-shirt, rain boots, goggles and a hat complete the outfit.  If you’re lucky enough to have a big dog, then you can make a horse costume for the dog.

Optimus Prime

30.  Transformers Optimus Prime ~ If you have a Transformer fan then this dress-up/Halloween costume is for you. It’s made from a bike helmet and cardboard so it is inexpensive and easy to transform into a new role, a rescue bot.  All of the patterns that were used have been included in the post to make it easier on you. {wink}

Cute Cartoon Costumes

Halloween Blues Clues

31. Blue’s Clues Cartoon Costume ~ My son was absolutely addicted to Blue’s Clues when he was little. So, choosing to make Blue’s Clue’s costumes was a no-brainer. Super easy!

Elsa Costume

Paw Patrol Costumes on Amazon by amazon

32. DIY Elsa Costume ~ A Pumpkin and a Princess nailed this Disney inspired costume with an awesome DIY Elsa Costume which has a tutu base. If you have a Cricut cutting machine, even better. The tutorial uses it to cut out snowflakes.



rain cloud costume

34. Rain Cloud Costume ~ This tutorial featured on Make It and Love It for an easy and quick rain cloud costume is fantastic! I love that toddlers to teens to adults can wear it. So clever. No need to Shop Halloween stores for this costume!

If you don’t have time to put together a DIY Halloween Costume for your child, you might love my favorites that can be purchased. (Affiliate links used):


Childrens Halloween Costumes

Kids Halloween Costumes

35.  Despicable Me Minion Costumes {halloween costume ideas} ~ If you have a Despicable Me fan then this Halloween costume is for you. And, how adorable is the pink tutu for girl minions?! No patterns are necessary for making these costumes. But, you will need overalls, a yellow hoodie, black gloves, black shoes and glasses.

36.  DIY Bat Costume ~ Turn a plain long sleeve shirt into bat wings with the free pattern.  The wings can be made for a child or adult if you adjust your measurements accordingly.  There’s also a free printable for the mask to complete the costume.

37.  Little Red Riding Hood + Wolf + Huntsman ~ Here are the costumes I put together for the kids this year for Halloween. We decided Little Red Riding Hood, the Big Bad Wolf, and the Woodsman would be really fun. I made Red’s cloak and the wolfie’s outfit.

38.  DIY Owl Halloween Costume ~ Looking for a simple, inexpensive and just plain adorable costume for your little one? This owl costume is perfect. The entire costume is made from felt so no hemming is necessary. There’s loose wings for your child to move freely in and the owl face in a headband instead of a mask.

26 Darling DIY Kids Costumes

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