13 Easy DIY Halloween Costume Ideas


Homemade Halloween costumes can leave such lasting memories!  So if you’re looking for easy Halloween costumes to diy, then check out these easy costume ideas to dress up this Halloween.  You don’t even have to be able to sew to make these costumes.  From gumball machine to a jellyfish you’re sure to love these quick and easy ideas.

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Easy Costume Ideas

Easy Costume Ideas

1.  Homemade Gumball Machine Costume ~ Swoon! How creative and adorable is this gumball costume?! Grab your hot glue gun and bags of pom poms to make this bubba-licious costume!

DIY Strawberry Costume

2.  DIY Strawberry Costume ~ A plain red dress gets a makeover with cardstock and hot glue gun for a sweet costume. {giggle}

Snow White

3. Snow White ~ No sewing for this adorable princess costume.  Solid basics are used to pair together to make this easy costume.  A yellow skirt, blue top, white collared shirt and red heels.

DIY Wind Up Doll Costume

4.  DIY Wind Up Doll Costume ~ Create a wind up doll costume from cardboard and an empty cardboard tube.  The rest is easy, just add it to a dress you already have.

No-Sew Wonder Woman Costume

5.  No-Sew Wonder Woman Costume {homemade}~  If you are in need of a last minute Halloween costume then this is the tutorial for you. Wonder Woman is an all time super hero favorite that’s perfect for any age! The best part, no sewing is required so anyone can make it. A plain tank top and skirt is embellished with fabric and felt. Easy peasy.

Starbuck Cup

6.  Starbucks Cup ~ Make a Starbucks latte costume complete with whipped cream using a slip dress, the free printable logo and felt.  Easy peasy!

Quick Halloween Costumes

Scuba Diver Costume

7.  Scuba Diver Costume ~ Isn’t this the most adorable scuba diver costume?! A metal water bottle for the tank and a pacifier for the mouth piece.  A genius idea to keep in your toddlers mouth.

No Sew Pokemon Costume

8.  No Sew Pokemon Costume ~ How cool is this No-Sew Pokemon Costume?!  A zip up vest is the staple to this costume with added embellishments.

Retro Television

9.  Retro Television ~ This is just a test.  How fun is this retro television costume? Made from a cardboard box you can easily make this costume in an afternoon.

Easy No-Sew Scarecrow Costume

10.  Easy No-Sew Scarecrow Costume ~ This Scarecrow costume is so adorable and perfect for boys and girls. It’s an easy no-sew project by pinning burlap scraps to the overalls and adding yarn for the straw. {smiling}

Easy DIY Emoji Costume

11.  Easy DIY Emoji Costume ~ A super fun costume idea for the social media fans!  Cardboard boxes were cut and painted to make these adorable faces.  What will your face be?!

Pineapple Costume

12.  No-Sew Pineapple Costume ~ A yellow felt cape and sharpie pen make this adorable pineapple costume.  No-sewing required.

10 Minute Jellyfish Costume

13.  10 Minute Jellyfish Costume ~ Make a super cute jellyfish costume in 10 minutes.  It’s the perfect last minute Halloween costume.  All you need is a clear bubble umbrella and ribbon.

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Easy Costume Ideas

Easy Costume Ideas
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