15 Halloween Face Painting Ideas


Face painting is such a fun and cheap activity for children.  Most children love getting their face painted.  That’’s why the face painting booth at carnivals is such a favorite.  Incorporate Halloween makeup in your next Halloween or birthday party.  Keep it simple and quick and it will be the hit of the party!

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As always, the Tip Junkie Pattern and Halloween sites have hundreds of pictured tutorials with 133 costume ideas. You can always search there if you’re looking for more pictured tutorials. {wink}

Face Painting Ideas

Face Painting Ideas

1.  Halloween Cat Makeup ~ A kitty cat is always a great go-to costume because you most likely already have everything you need.  Just add face paint.

Queen of Hearts Makeup

2.  Queen of Hearts Makeup ~ A step by step pictured guide on how to make this Queen of Hearts makeup design.

Harlequin Doll Makeup Tutorial

3.  Harlequin Doll Makeup Tutorial ~ Learn how to paint the perfect Harlequin Doll in 9 simple steps using everyday makeup, foundation, eye shadow and eyeliner.

zombie bride

4.  Zombie Bride Makeup ~ A ten step tutorial to make scary yet beautiful zombie bride makeup.  It’s perfect for a last minute costume idea.

Day of the Dead Face Paint

5.  Day of the Dead Face Paint ~ You’ll be sure to turn heads on Halloween with this Day of the Dead Face Paint.  Perfect for Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos celebrations too.

Halloween Face Paint Ideas

Halloween Face Paint Ideas

6.  Snapchat Puppy Filter Makeup ~ This Snapchat makeup tutorial is right on trend.  Re-create the popular puppy filter with this step by step tutorial.  There’s even tutorials for the bee and flower crown. Score!

Skeleton Face Paint

Skeleton Face Paint

7.  The Glam Skeleton ~ If you already have a light foundation and black eyeliner and black eyeshadow then you are golden for this tutorial. It’s a great last minute costume ideas because you pair it with clothes you already have in your closet.

Harley Quinn Skellington Makeup

8.  Harley Quinn Skellington Makeup ~ Learn how to recreate the Nightmare Before Christmas inspired Halloween makeup. It’s a blend of Harley Quinn and the Joker with a white face, black eyes with touches of orange.

Face Paint Designs

Face Paint Designs

9.  Pretty Fish Makeup ~ A sack of potatoes was used to create the fish gills. Genius, right?! A blue eye shadow palette is also key. This tutorial would also work well for mermaid makeup. {wink}

Easy Face Painting

Easy Face Painting

10. Giraffe Makeup ~ Learn how to transform your face into a giraffee with this step-by-step tutorial that’s easier to do than you’d think!

11. Fox Makeup Tutorial ~ If you love watching videos to see step-by-step how to do something, then this fox makeup tutorial is going to be right up your alley. Learn how to do this fox makeup in just a few minutes.
Deer Makeup and Costume
12. Deer Makeup and Costume ~ The great thing about this tutorial is that it shows you how to make the FULL deer costume including the antlers. Score.
Face Painting for Kids

Face Painting for Kids

13.  Bunny Face Paint ~ This tutorial makes it look so easy to transform your little cutie into a bunny face.

Frankenstein Face Paint

14.  Frankenstein Face Paint ~ A quick but informative guide with pictures on how to paint a Frankenstein face for kids.

Jack O'lantern Face Painting

15.  Jack O’lantern Face Painting ~ This jack-o-lantern face is a creative and easy idea for Halloween makeup.  I love that it’s perfect for adults and children.

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