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Look no further for DIY Christmas Gifts as we have you covered with this MEGA list of amazing homemade christmas gift tutorials with step-by-step pictured instructions.  These Christmas presents include crafty Christmas ideas, easy christmas presents, and even last minute Christmas presents for everyone in your life.

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These DIY Christmas Gifts include footprint rug, joy hand towels, layered candles, sugar scrubs, Christmas in a jar, santa’s coal, leather cuff, pajamas and even gifts for your pets.

Woman, Wife, Mother

The best gifts to make for women as homemade presents this year for Christmas for your daughter, best friend, Mom, girlfriend, or fabulous woman in your life.

1.  DIY Christmas Gift for Mom ~ Here are 18 of the best DIY Christmas gifts to make for mom.

2.  Homemade Gift for Mom ~ Gorgeous, functional and fun gift ideas to make for mom this Christmas.  Here are 19 ideas.

3.  Gift Idea for Girlfriend ~ Lovely gift ideas to make for your special someone. Here are 15 gift ideas to make.

4.  Homemade Gifts for Daughter ~ 14 fun things to make for women as homemade presents this year for Christmas.

5.  Homemade Gifts for Sister ~ Here are 31 DIY Jewelry that are fun things to make as home made presents.

Man, Husband, Father

Here are DIY Christmas gifts for men to make for your adult son, boyfriend, husband, Dad, father-in-law, or significant other!

6.  DIY Christmas Gift for Dad ~ The mother-lode of gifts for men. Here are 40 home made gifts for dad he’s sure to love.

7.  Homemade Gift for Men ~ Here are 20 homemade gifts for men that he’ll actually want to use which will make great Christmas presents.

8.  Homemade Gift Idea for Boyfriend ~ Check out these 15 DIY gifts for guys that they’ll actually enjoy unwrapping.

9.  Homemade Gifts for Son ~ What to make for men this year for Christmas presents is no longer the question! Here are 15 diy gift ideas.

Teenager {13-19}

10.  Homemade Gift for Teenagers ~ 19 Cool DIY gifts to make for 13-19 tween and teenagers.

11.  Homemade Christmas Gift for Techie ~ Check out these 7 cool gifts to make for tech items.

12.  DIY Gifts for Teens ~ Not knowing what to make teenagers this Christmas is no longer the question, here are 15 easy things to make for teens 13 to 19 years old.

Tween {10-12}

13.  Homemade Gift for Tweens ~ Simple and affordable gifts to make for tweens with these 8 cool ideas.

14.  DIY Christmas Gifts for Tweens ~ Here are 17 amazing Christmas gift ideas to make for teenagers that they’ll think are cool.

Child {7-9}

15.  Handmade Gifts for Kids ~ Here are 14 cool handmade gifts and toys to make for kids.

16.  DIY Gifts for Kids ~ Check out these 14 of the best DIY Gifts for Kids ages 7-9.

Preschool {4-6}

17.  Homemade Gifts for Kids ~ These 21 homemade gifts for kids are sure to inspire creativity and lots of fun!

18.  Gifts to Make for Boys ~ Here are 22 of the best gift ideas to make for boys.

Toddler {2-3}

19.  Homemade Christmas Gift for Toddlers ~ Check out these 25 cute things to make for kids.  They’re perfect for boys and girls alike.

20.  DIY Gifts for Toddlers ~ Here are 20 of the best homemade toys that your toddler will love!

Baby and Infant

21.  Homemade Gift for Baby ~ Here are 60 popular baby gifts to make all with patterns and tutorials.

22.  DIY Gifts for Girls ~ These 35 handmade baby gift ideas for girls are so sweet and adorable!


23.  Gift for Grandparents ~ Check out these 12 best Christmas gift ideas to make for grandparents.

24.  Homemade Gift for Grandpa ~ Here are 15 thoughtful gifts to make for grandpa this season.

25.  Homemade Gift for Grandma ~ Free sewing patterns to make the 20 loveliest aprons around.

26.  Homemade Gifts for Grandparents from Kids ~ Wondering what to make for the grandparents this Christmas? Look no further, here are

Co-worker, Boss, Secretary

27.  Homemade Gifts for Coworkers ~ Work presents to make for co-workers and colleagues that are chic, cheap, and easy!  Here are 11 frugal ideas.

28.  DIY Gifts for Your Boss ~ These 10 gift ideas for boss are so cool that they are sure to impress your boss even though they are homemade.

Homemade Teacher Gifts

29.  Homemade Teacher Gifts ~ Bring a smile to your teachers face with one of these 32 incredible homemade teacher gift ideas

30.  DIY Christmas Gifts for Teacher ~ Here are 30 of the best diy gifts to make for teachers this season.


31.  Christmas Neighbor Gifts ~ Here are 21 DIY Christmas gifts for neighbors.  They also make great co-worker gifts.

32.  DIY Christmas Gifts ~ Elegant but frugal holiday gifts ideas for your neighbors just got easier, here are 13 ideas.

33.  DIY Neighbor Gifts ~ Chic, cheap, and easy are here at your finger tips.  Here are 15 DIY neighbor gifts to make.

34.  Homemade Christmas Gifts ~ Here are 14 of the easiest and inexpensive gifts to make for neighbors.


35.  DIY Gift for Grown Up Best Friend ~ How to make the best 20 sugar scrubs at home. They’re perfect for pampering your skin.

36.   Homemade Gifts for Friend ~ Give the gift of pampering with these 10 diy bath bomb recipes.

Pet and Animals

37.  DIY Christmas Presents for Pets ~ Don’t leave out your favorite pooch or feline this Christmas.  Here are 17 fun Christmas present ideas for pets.

Holiday Themed Gifts

38.  Twelve Days of Christmas ~ Celebrate the twelve days of Christmas with inexpensive and fabulous gifts to make that are all under $10.

39.  White Elephant Gift Ideas ~ Give the gift of laughter and cher this season with these 11 Great White Elephant Gift Ideas.

40.  Christmas Gifts in a Jar ~ How to make 24 Christmas themed homemade gifts in a jar recipes that are easy, inexpensive and make fabulous gifts!

41.  Christmas Ornaments ~ It’s always fun to add a new ornament to the tree.  Here are 22 easy homemade ornaments to give as gifts.

Last Minute Christmas Presents

42.  Gifts to Make Under $10 ~ Here are 13 useful and cool gifts to make that cost under $10.

43.  Last Minute Christmas Presents ~ Check out these 10 gift ideas to make that are all under $10.  Great for last minute gift ideas.


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