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14 DIY Steampunk Projects [costume, jewelry, decor]


If you’re a lover of science fantasy, technology and vintage then these steampunk projects are right up your alley. We’ve found 14 projects that include fashion, jewelry and home decor that we think you’ll love. You can even use the fashion ideas to make a fun costume this Halloween! {{wink}} We hope these tutorials give you the inspiration to try something new.

Steampunk Projects

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Dark Revette

DIY Goggles

1.  L’Alternative nailed this steampunk goggles tutorial by sanding a pair of metal goggles, painting them and adding some cogs and chain.

DIY Inspired

2. Since the aviator goggles are not actually worn to be seen through this diy tutorial by DIY Inspired is perfect for creating both a steampunk hat and goggles.

Sadie's Seasongoods


3. This tutorial for a pulley necklace pendant by Sadie’s Seasongoods will show you step-by-step how to make the ever-popular steampunk Pendant.

Do It Darling

4. This vintage button necklace is gorgeous and thanks to this tutorial by Do It Darling is easy to make yourself! After collecting several vintage or vintage looking buttons you’ll be able to create a statement necklace! Super stylish and will be an easy and inexpensive project!

Make It & Love It

5. Put that old belt from the back of your closet or head to the thrift store, then follow this fabulous tutorial by Make It & Love It! You’ll have a steampunk cuff bracelet to add to your jewelry stash!


6. Learn how to make this gorgeous steampunk hair comb by Weddbook. Perfect for adding a vintage touch to your wedding.



7. This steampunk rabbit mask by Epbot is just plain cool, and a great Halloween mask idea! It’s fairly time consuming to make, but well worth it.

Sassy Feet

8. Update a pair of victorian boots into a cool steampunk pair by Sassy Feet. A little rust paint, cord for laces and cog hardware really transform the look of the boots.


9. These buttoned legwarmers by Laupre are super stylish and perfect for completing your steampunk or victorian look. Use the free pattern to make a pair or two.

Steam Ingenious

10. There’s no need to make a trip to the fabric store when you can use a window panel to make a bustle skirt. Steam Ingenious shares her step by step tutorial to make one for only $2.99.

Love Maegan

11. Whether you’re looking for old Hollywood glamour or steampunk fashion try adding lace to a plain bustier. This tutorial by Love Maegan shows you just how simple it is.


12. Transform a ball shooter or other nerf gun into a cool steampunk raygun by Epbot. Mini plastic trophies and paint turn an ordinary gun into a raygun.

The Graphics Fairy

Home Decor

13. The Graphics Fairy nailed it with this steampunk pirate chest. A thrift store find was transformed with paint and stencils.

While Wearing Heels

14. This Restoration Hardware gear decor art by While Wearing Heels is amazing!  You can find old gears from ebay or from pieces of machinery.  Clean them up to their natural shine and you are ready to assemble.

14 DIY Steampunk Projects [costume, jewelry, decor]

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