12 Birthday Party Favor Ideas

Next up is party favors! Here are several fun birthday party favor tutorials that can be altered to almost any theme.  If you have a party favor, feel free to submit it! I’d love to be able to feature you as well as inspire others. Hugs!

Birthday Party Favor Ideas

1. Personalized Nail Polish Party Favors
2.  Cowboy Cookies
3.  Movie Party Favors
4.  Party Favors on a budget

5.  Homemade play dough party favors
6. Felt Finger Puppets
7.  How to Make Birthday Cake Petit Fours
8.  Surprise Ball of Yarn

9.  Glass Tile Necklace
10.  Soapsical tutorial
11.  Flower Hair Clip gift topper
12.  Party favors for toddlers

While you’re here be sure to get:

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
-- -- -- 2-3
-- Birthday
Homemade Gift


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  1. My 3 year old is having a birthday at the end of the month and I had been looking for something other than expensive trinkets and candy for party favors. I found Hawaiian Punch Freezer Bars. Its a box of 10 freezer bars for $1.00. I think it is the perfect idea for a summer birthday party. Thats $1.00 per kid and what kid doesnt like popsicles!?

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