12 Fun Birthday Activities

Here are 12 fun birthday activities you can do annually for your children on their special day.  I love, love, love a good family tradition.  I think it helps bond family members as well as create memories that you’ll be laughing about at the Thanksgiving table when your kids are in their thirty’s.

So today, I’m featuring some birthday traditions that you can start in your own home.

Fun Birthday Activities

1.  Birthday Photo Display tutorial – This would make a great centerpiece for a birthday party.
2.  Birthday Board Celebration – Fun activities the birthday person can do for their birthday.
3.  Birthday Book tradition – “So Many Reasons We Love You” paper craft book.
4.  Birthday Pillow Case – The birthday person gets to sit in a special seat!

Birthday Celebrate

5. Birthday Messages – Put fun birthday wishes all over the house in creative ways.
6.  Edible cupcake candles – How to make edible cupcake candles for a childs first birthday.
7.  First Year Photo Line – Use your child’s annual photographs to create a photo banner as decoration for the party.
8.  First birthday traditions –  Here are several birthday party traditions you can implement in your own home for your childs first birthday.

9.  Follow the golden ribbon to your first gift – Use this scavenger hunt idea to make a home birthday party more memorable.
10.  Birthday Chair cover tutorial – Give the birthday child a special seat to sit in on their birthday.
11.  Birthday donuts cake – Have a special birthday breakfast of donuts!
12.  Birthday String – This is a lot like the golden ribbon on #9.  Unroll string all around the house to help the birthday child find their presents.  This can be as simple or elaborate as you want.

Other Traditions that you might enjoy:

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  1. Wow, what a great selection of ideas! I especially like the photo display centerpiece. I’m going to try this one out for the next birthday party I host. I like the idea of it being a life of memories where there is a photo for each year. Absolutely adorable!


  2. I love these! My daughter’s birthday is January 2, so the tradition we decided to start was to keep the Christmas tree up until the day after her birthday. On the eve of her birthday, we decorate what is called her “birthday tree” with pictures of her throughout the year. (She is only one, so we’ve done this once). That way she doesn’t feel slighted by having a birthday so close to the holidays! I will post a sample pic at my blog.

  3. My daughter every birthday is woken up with a giant balloon and a pile of birthday pancakes!
    Love the donut idea.

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