12 Boy Bedroom Designs {Decorating Ideas}

Hey Ladies!  I have three boys and am currently re-doing 2 of their bedrooms. I’ve been searching online for some great ideas and I’ve found 12 boy bedroom designs with fabulous decorating ideas.  Timing of today’s post on boy bedroom design and interior design is perfect as I’m right in the throws of it.

I hope this inspires you to do something fun for your little man!

1.  Boys Nautical themed room – boat bed
2.  Pirate themed nursery
3.  Boy’s Dinosaur Room
4.  Vintage Racing Room

5.  Bass Pro Shop Theme Room
6.  Turn a large closet into a pirate ship fort
7.  Boy’s Beach Themed Room
8.  Cool car themed paint

9.  Dr. Seuss Room
10.  A coming of age boys bedroom
11.  Transportation decoupage dresser
12.  Teal, sea-foam and orange boys room

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  1. Great rooms! I am getting ready to blog about my son’s space-themed room, next week. Maybe I can make your next round of boys rooms!

  2. That boat bed is awesome. So do you think about all the cool stuff you would liked to of had if you were a boy?

    I would like to see a Farm and Garden themed bedroom. John Deer holds a warm place in my heart.

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