St. Patrick’s Day Party Activities

This March 17th do something fun with the family like throw a St. Patrick’s Day party!

Legend of St. Patrick – If you’re looking for some St. Patrick’s day facts, I’ve done all the work for you with this fun fact sheet and Q&A.

Green Day Memory

Print out these memory cards and make a fun poster to play memory for St. Patrick’s day or for Green Day.

St. Patrick’s Day Bingo
is a fun activity you can do as a family or at a St. Patrick’s Day, or green day party.

Green Day Agenda

Here’s an agenda sample if you’re still looking for party ideas!

10:00 (Younger) * Color Leprechauns
(Older) * Play dough w/ cookie cutters

10:10 (Younger) * Color Shopping (get a basket & hide green things)
(Older) * Story & puzzle quiz

10:20 (Younger) * Hide ‘n seek gold treasure
(Older) * Green Day Bingo

10:30 (All) * Read Green Eggs & Ham book

10:40 (Younger) * Balloons (draw faces on them)
(Older) * Green Memory Game

10:50 (All) * Snack
11:00  (All) * Give hats & cups to take home

Happy party planning!  You can find even more St. Patrick’s Day party ideas and activities on Tip Junkie.

Difficulty Cost Time Age Person Event
-- -- -- 2-3
-- Activity or Game

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  1. Thanks so much for the adorable ideas!!! I love the printables. When I was a teacher, when the kids would walk in on St. Patrick’s Day morning, I would have the entire room “messed up” (Chairs turned over, writing on the chalkboard, etc.) and green footprints taped up everywhere, including the ceiling. The kids LOVED it. I would leave them messages from leprechauns…. I am dying to do this when my little guy is old enough to understand.

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