Bridal Shower Game Booklet

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I really enjoy the convenience and ease of having a little booklet to hand out with all the games (and other information) each guest will need.

How to Print:

1. Print out cover in pink or blue paper.
2. Print out the rest of the booklet front and back.

How you make one yourself:

1. I make the booklet using Microsoft Office Publisher (but you can use other software).

2. Make it in a landscape format.

3. The booklet is half of a standard sheet of paper (4 x 5).

4. Design a cover sheet and and print it off on colored paper (usually pink).

5. Add in games and some fun information about the bride and print it off.

6. Punch a hole on the upper left of the booklet and tie together with ribbon.

You can get a little fancier and add candy or a cute little party favor or if you’re in a hurry just staple it together.


The file above is a copy of a “Around the Clock” Shower I did for my sister. It has the “Love Letter to the Bride” from the groom game using cleaning supplies and “The Love Story” game. Both these games were a great success and so much fun, not only to plan, but also to play!

Answer Key: From my experience, it great to have at least one copy of an answer key. That way if you (as the hostess) are tending to other duties during the party, a friend can conclude the games for you and hand out the prizes.

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