Bridal Shower Hostess Tips

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As a Hostess, here are some vital tips that will help your event be a success.

1. Is anyone else planning on giving the bride a shower? Be sure to check with family members and friends so you don’t have the same guest lists.

2. Showers should be held two to six weeks before the wedding day.

3. On the invitation, don’t forget:

* Name and phone number of the hosts
* Shower theme
* Bride’s home decorating colors

4. Plan a schedule for the shower such as:

* Be sure to greet each guest and let them know where the food is
* Have guests introduce themselves
* Play an icebreaker game or interaction game
* Serve the food
* Have the bride open her gifts
* Allow time for girl talk
* Give out shower favors and thank guests for coming

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  1. These are some great tips! It says to play an “ice breaker game”. For a bachelorette party I did one because there were a lot of clicks from the brides different walks of life (high school, college, work, family, etc.) I wanted everyone to mingle so when they came in I greeted them and put the name of a celebrity on a sticker on their back and told them to go around and ask YES or NO questions only to find out who they are! It worked wonders and got everyone talking to everyone! I got a lot of compliments on how much fun everyone had meeting new people.

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